True Blood – Beautifully Broken (S03E02) – Episode review

Beautifully Broken” continued on smoothly from [[True Blood (TV Series)|True Blood]]’s third season opener last week. Though calmer, much calmer. This was a far better paced episode than “Bad Blood”, and though there were about a dozen storylines to deal with, the story handled them all in a reasonably satisfying way.

In Mississippi, Bill is single-handedly fighting off the pack of werewolves who’d captured him. He might be a humourless bugger, but Bill Compton can hold his own in a fight – even going to the trouble of biting one were’s ear off. He’s swiftly captured by Russell Eddington, the Vampire King of Mississippi, who treats him to every conceivable menu variation you can cook that includes blood as the primary ingredient.

Eddington’s hoping to woo the Queen of Louisiana, you see. And he needs Bill to persuade her to marry him. Note: Bill was sent to Bon Temps? And later on, we see an intruder in Compton’s house discover a sheaf of newspaper articles about Sookie as a girl. Readers of the [[Charlaine Harris]] books will know what I mean.

Perhaps the highlight of this thread is that Bill discovers that his maker, Lorena, is staying with Eddington. In a fury, he lobs a gas lamp at her, setting her on fire. No word on whether it kills her. Guess we’ll find out next week?

Sookie goes to Eric to find out about the werewolves who’ve taken Bill. Not much to report here, except that Eric appears to be besotted with our Miss Stackhouse. He has no interest in seeing Bill returned safely, but he wants to do it for Sookie. And for all his swagger and talk of coming in her house for sex, we get the impression that Eric Northman has deeper feelings for Sookie than he’s comfortable admitting.

Oh yeah, and Eric and the dearly departed Godric posed as Nazi’s to infiltrate Operation Werewolf. Apparently these blood-addicted weres have been around since before World War II.

The smaller plots carried a lot of charm to offset the more serious drama with Bill, Sookie and Eric.

Jessica continues to be hilarious with her attempts to dispose of a body she’s stored in Bill’s house. Renting a chainsaw was genius. Even more so when she got home and the body had disappeared. And her relationship with Hoyt – well, it’s the most touching thing on TV, isn’t it? They’re both so innocent, but they have to deal with the fact of Jessica being a vampire and it being in her nature to bring death to people.

Sam Merlotte’s mission to find his birth parents yielded some fruit – yes, this early in the season. I expected a frosty reception from the parents who gave him away, but maw and paw fawned over their long lost pup. The real danger came from Sam’s newfound little brother – who invited him out for a run in their animal forms, but led Sam into the middle of the road, just as a truck came barrelling around the corner. A deliberate attempt to kill Sam off?

Tara and Lafayette go on a little journey to visit Lafayette’s mother in an institution. She’s as crazy as Tara’s mother, but gets better one-liners. “This is Jesus, he’s a Mexican, but he ain’t raped me yet.” Sufficiently scared, Lafayette vows to keep Tara with him so he can make sure she doesn’t make another suicide attempt. All’s well and fine until Tara has a pop at two drunks outside Merlotte’s and a vampire – the devilish Franklin Mott? – comes to her aid.

Nice to see Lafayette back in such fine form, however. Some brilliant, snappy dialogue from him tonight.

The Bellefleurs continue to entertain, Terry in his being completely oblivious to Arlene’s sudden violent sickness (she’s gotta be pregnant, right?) and Andy in his wonderful buddy relationship with Jason after all the “weird shit” the two went through together last season. Even better, Jason and Andy took an early trip to Hotshot and met Calvin Norris and Crystal. I genuinely wasn’t expecting that to happen so soon in the series, but it looks like with werewolves and shapeshifters, it’s in for a penny, in for a pound.

Quotes from Beautifully Broken

  • Lafayette stops Tara’s suicide: “You’re too busy praising Jesus to realise your daughter trying to move in with him permanently… You failed this girl for the last time, you hear me? Now, get the fuck up out of my way.”
  • Eric fills Sookie in on Werewolf lore: “Here’s what I know about werewolves. There’s a reason their existence has remained merely a myth to humans for over a thousand years. They’re territorial, vicious, pathologically secretive.”
  • Jessica seeks advice from a more experienced vampire: “So Pam, when you’re feeding on someone, how do you not kill them?”
  • Talbot tells Bill about the house’s distinguished former owner: “Rumour has it that she loved to torture virgins and bathe in their blood.”
  • Tara explains the reason for her depression: “The one time in my entire like I thought I was happy, I was a fucking zombie.”
  • Jessica tells Hoyt why they can’t be together: “Biting people, getting so mad that I do bad things by accident. It’s in my nature.”
  • Jason’s intrigued to learn about shifters: “Bigfoot, is he real too? Santa?”
  • Lafayette’s mother: “This is Jesus, he’s a Mexican, but he ain’t raped me yet.”
  • Terry Bellefleur’s really fond of Sookie: “I’ve always liked you, and I’d miss you if you got killed. Just so you know.”
  • Sam: “Is that the real reason you gave me away, because of what I am?”
  • Lafayette: “There’s some darkness in this family Tara – your mama, my mama.”
  • Sam confronts his younger brother: “I didn’t realise this was a whose life is more fucked contest.”
  • Andy gives Jason a pep talk: “You’re a good guy, Stackhouse. You got a lot of heart. And you’re prettier than most girls. If you just applied yourself right, you could accomplish just about anything.”
  • Eric explains how dangerous the werewolves are: “These are not ordinary werewolves. They’re organised, well funded, highly trained. And fueled by vampire blood….The bigger question is why am I risking everything to tell you now?”
  • Eric almost reveals his true feelings for Sookie: “The goal tonight was to keep you out of danger. Not put you in more of it.”
  • Kenya takes Andy Bellefleur down a rung or two: “Quit speechifying. There ain’t no cameras here you damn fool.”

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  1. RandomEnigma

    Things I liked from this episode, in particular:


    • Jessica doing the crazy, erratic and naive teenage thing with trying to remove the body.
    • Russel being a complex new villain, Talbot most likely to be another character with great lines.
    • The return of Godric – although I feel he was underused.
    • Watching the shapeshifters transform into animals.
    • Hotshot! Can’t wait to see more of that strange community.
    • The fact that they reminded viewers that Sookie actually is a telepath. Although she should have read Jason’s mind.
    • Jason and Andy and all their exchanges.
    • Terry and Sookie, Terry and Arlene, and all their exchanges.
    • Sookie showing some of the spunk she has in the books.
    • Tara beating the crap out of them racist rednecks and being less whiny.
    • Franklin Mott.
    • The stranger *cough*Frankin*cough* who broke into the Compton household and started rummaging through Bill’s stuff about Sookie. A little pause action on Sookie’s family tree shows that Hunter has already been born to Hadley.
    • Jessica and Pam’s short exchange in the bathroom.
    • Ruby-Jean and Lafayette.
    Things I disliked from this episode:

    • No Maxine Fortenberry.
    • No Mike Spencer.
    • No Jane Bodehouse.
    • No Snoop Dogg.


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