True Blood Comic being launched!

It’s the stuff fangasms are made of: a comic book adaptation of our favourite TV shows. That’s right, [[True Blood (TV Series)|True Blood]] is getting its own comic book. Volume 1 in a series of 6 is due to be released on 21st July 2010 via the HBO store.

According to The Vault, the story has been written by True Blood creator Alan Ball, so it’ll fit right in with the world of vampires and misfits that we all know and love:

It takes place in Merlotte’s bar where Sookie, Bill, Eric, Tara, Jason, Sam, and Lafayette are trapped by a ghost. It’s a dark and stormy night and the ghost forces the group to retell their deepest darkest secrets so that it may feed off their shame.

Above is a shot of the Volume 1 cover. I love how they’ve captured that sharp cheekbone thing Bill has, and Sookie looks cuter than her real-life version. Lafayette looks like he’s been crammed into that corner though!

Official Synopsis

Alan Ball’s hit HBO series, the sensually sizzling story of the lives and loves of vampires, mind readers, and all manner of creature, comes to IDW! Blood and sex mix on a hot rainy night at Merlotte’s, when Sookie and her friends are trapped by a vengeful spirit who feeds on shame. People die and dirty secrets are revealed as Sookie, Bill, Eric, Sam, Tara, Jason, and Lafayette are all coerced to dig deep and tell painful memories from their past — those things we all have locked within us that we never tell another living soul!

Bon Temps, Louisiana has never been stranger, or more twisted, in a story co-plotted by True Blood series creator Alan Ball with a script by David Tischman (Bite Club) and Mariah Huehner and lush art by David Messina (Star Trek: Countdown). Bonus inside every issue: an exclusive pullout gatefold poster by David Messina!

All this activity means that the third season of True Blood is looming. It’s due to premiere on 13th June on HBO for lucky viewers in the USA.

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