True Blood – It Hurts Me Too (S03E03) – Episode review

If last week’s True Blood took the pace down a notch or two, then It Hurts Me Too felt even more laboured. And that’s in an episode which saw the introduction of Alcide Herveaux (was it everything you hoped for, ladies?) and some bizarre vampire…er….lovemaking. Well, it is only the first paragraph. We’ll indulge in more potty talk after the jump.

People are correctly calling this a set-up episode – providing plot advancement, but not much by way of fierce vamp action. I mean, compare Sam’s younger brother trying to lead him into the path of a truck last week compared with the tepid trailer-trash family appearing in Merlotte’s and scoring free food and drink.

So far so boring with Sam’s biological family then. Ol’ Sam deserves a better storyline than to be sent off to clicheville with Maw and Paw Shifter. The thing is, Sam’s noble and loyal to his friends in Bon Temps. It’s hard to imagine what he intends to learn from his biological parents to enrich his own life. Maybe that’s a bad attitude, but everything about these three wasters screams ‘bad news’.

Angry Backwards Sex

So, Bill Compton. Held captive in some of the most comfortable surroundings outside of the British prison system. I loved how Russell and Talbot were more worried about the damage to their décor than how badly burned Lenora was.

Still, plenty of time to delve into Bill’s past via dream flashback sequence. He’s seen going back to visit his wife as a vampire in 1868. Naturally, disappearing for three years and returning as a vampire, he wasn’t going to be welcomed with open arms, was he? Lorena appears and makes things much, much worse. But she’s doing Bill a favour – she’s showing him that relationships with humans just can’t work.

Of course, none of that’s really all that interesting. It’s the revenge sex Bill has with Lorena, during which he breaks her neck and twists it 180 degrees. It’s gross, and brutal and strangely primal. Just don’t try this stuff at home, kids. The bigger question is – has Bill finally abandoned Sookie for a life of vampiric sex?

Meanwhile, back in Bon Temps…

Eric jumps in front of Sookie’s bullet, intended for a attacking werewolf. Then he kills the wolf himself. Since Sookie’s clearly in danger, he assigns a werewolf from the Shreveport pack, Alcide Herveaux to protect her during the day. 

Elsewhere, Jason Stackhouse has decided to become a police officer after his experience in Hotshot the previous week. Of course, he doesn’t quite have the brains to pass the entrance exam. But it was a nice mirror to Sheriff Bud Dearborn’s tantrum about the rise in murders since vampires came to Bon Temps. Bud’s a great old-time Sheriff, and you can just imagine his frustration about the weirdness and ever-growing pile of bodies in the town he’s sworn to protect. Can we perceive Bud taking a harder anti-vampire stance soon?

Arlene’s definitely pregnant. Thing is, there’s no way the baby’s Terry Bellefleur’s. And everybody’s pointing their finger at first season villain Rene. But she’s letting Terry believe he knocked her up. Well, he seemed to happy when he found out…

Oh, and Tara. Tara got all sexed up with Franklin Mott after beating up some rednecks the other week. Yes, she’s all about choosing the wrong type of guy. You’ll never see Tara Thornton shacking up with Hoyt Fortenberry. Nosiree, she’s attracted to the meanest damn men you’ll ever meet.

But the thing about Franklin in this series is that he seems to be investigating Bill for some reason. And we haven’t actually seen him hurting anyone yet. He’s used his powers to glamour Tara, and he’s sorta, kinda blackmailed Jessica into telling her more about Bill. Or, to spin it a different way, he helped her get rid of her corpse problem and asked for information in return. But why’s he investigating Bill, and who’s he working for? There’s a lot of unresolved mystery surrounding Franklin.

Oh, maybe he’s working for the Magister?

So, a slower paced episode. I’m noticing some digressions from the book, mostly in terms of Bill’s story. His captivity isn’t nearly as brutal, but this luxury imprisonment is quite interesting. And we can add to that a possible coupling with Lorena? Interesting. And Franklin Mott is already elevated beyond his status as a secondary character already to something of a Vampire P.I.


  1. RandomEnigma

    I was going to review this tonight but I want to get my single reviews done instead. I’ll review it tomorrow though. Some quick thoughts, you didn’t seem to enjoy this episode as much as the others in the season so far but I did! This is my favourite episode of Season 3 if not my favourite episode of the series so far!!!

    It was so delightfully twisted which is what I love about True Blood. The Bill and Lorena sex scene was pretty shocking and almost borderline rape when you think of it? Okay, so Lorena completely enjoyed it but Bill basically jumped on her in a torrent of rage and just started doing her right there on the bed, snapping her neck and twisting her head in the process. If Lorena weren’t so insanely in love with Bill that would be pretty difficult to watch. Seeing as Bill’s a relatively young vampire, he obviously has trouble with self control, something referenced in the books also.

    Bill’s storyline is really interesting and I can’t wait to see more in two weeks (the show won’t be on on 4th July in the US) so there’s an extra long wait. I loved the flashback scene and allow me to be superficial and exclaim how hot Lorena looked in the flashback. Credit needs to be given to Stephen Moyer, Mariana Klaveno and the lady who plays Bill’s wife, Caroline Compton for their fantastic acting in this episode.

    I liked the Sookie and Tara scene at Eggs’ funeral, it was quite moving and showed what a sweet-hearted character Sookie is. I’m glad Sookie and Tara are friends again but I doubt it will last because those two have fallen out more in the last two seasons than I care to mention.

    Defnitely some chemistry brewing between Eric and Sookie even more now. Eric gave some great one-liners in this episode as did Jason and Pam. Pam looked completely hot in this weekend’s episode during her oral sex session with Yvetta.

    Loved Jessica and Franklin together. I loved when Jessica went to answer the door, saw Franklin and extended her fangs at them. Franklin kind of gave her a “oh please” look and struck his back out at her. It was also funny when he took Hunter’s dad’s the trucker’s head out of the bag and Jessica screamed and then collected herself and was like “How do you expect me to react?” Love Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica, she plays a teenager so well and has great comic timing. Plus she’s stunning and is a sci-fi nerd in real life. She’s just the perfect woman ever!

    Franklin’s going to a great character. I love the mixture of charming, dry British wit and the real darkness underneath him. Tara was also great in the episode, back to her usual spunky self.

    Poor old Bud. In the last two months, he’s had to deal with the murders of Maudette Pickens, Dawn, Gran, Liam, Diane, Malcolm, that fangbanger kid who worked in the funeral home that now stars as Artie on Glee, Amy, René, Miss Jeanette, Daphne and Eggs. And there just the murders he knows about. I wouldn’t blame him for being pissed.

    The only thing I’m not sure about is Arlene’s pregnancy. It just seems to be there as a reason to give the actors something to do. Arlene and Terry are a great comic couple though. Oooh, wouldn’t it be great if Arlene gave birth to something supernatural, seeing as she can’t tolerate them? If Arlene’s to be pregnant, a large amout of time is going to have to pass because the up until now only something like two months have gone by since the first episode. Surely Arlene won’t be pregnant for nine seasons?

    Ahhh, can’t wait to write my novel tomorrow on this!


    1. Gerard McGarry

      Sorry for the laboured review – believe it or not, I was on some pretty stiff medication in preparation for a hospital appointment today. Let’s just say I was spaced out watching it and spaced out reviewing it!

      I didn’t hate it as an episode. There was so much to like, though the sick sex scenes were clearly the talking point. The back story on Bill was good, but I enjoyed Franklin – a more developed character than the one in the books. I think this is a change for the better, rather than the misogynist who got fed up with Tara and passed her on to someone else.

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