True Blood Minisode #3 appears online

We’ve already posted the most recent minisodes of True Blood here on Unreality Shout. The third minisode – which features Sookie, Tara and Lafayette at Merlotte’s – has just premiered online as a little bit of a fix for True Blood fans awaiting the popular TV show’s third season in June.

I liked this minisode but it wasn’t quite as satisfying as the first two which featured Eric and Pam; and Jessica. Obviously vampires are more intriguing than humans. Still it was good to see Tara have some of her angry sass back (after spending most of Season 2 as a bug eyed drone of Maryann’s) and Lafayette always lights up the screen in every scene he appears in.

I’m a little intrigued – Bill saved Sam last night? I’ve refrained from watching the last episode of Season 2 until this Friday ’cause I don’t want to spoil the show on myself so I’m guessing this minisode takes place the day after the destruction of Maryann, which is inevitable, right?

Anyway, watch the 3 minute clip below:


  1. Gerard McGarry

    Best thing about this minisode was Lafayette. Looks like he’s got his swagger back! I just love that character!

    I think your assumption about this following on from the series 2 finale is spot on. Not that I’ve seen the finale yet, but I might have read one or two things online that I shouldn’t have!

    Even though it’s not quite as exciting, do I detect that friction between Sookie and Tara is going to be a theme of Season 3? Maybe Sookie’s pissed off that Tara let Maryann and Eggs move into her house?

    1. RandomEnigma

      I think Lafayette is a great role model for gay people. A lot of critics have slammed his character for being a stereotype but I think Lafayette slams a lot of the stereotypes…sure he’s camp but he’s also extremely tough. Not someone you want to mess around with. He falls nicely in with the alpha males of the shows and the ladies. I also think it’s great to show a black male character on a show – not a common occurrence.

      There does seem to be a lot of friction between Tara and Sookie. Something tells me they won’t get on well with Eggs if he survives this season – which I, for some reason, think he won’t. I’ve refrained from reading True Blood news up until now ’cause I don’t want to spoil Season 2 on myself. Come Friday though, I’m going to search the net for every Season 3 teaser and spoiler I can and write a blog entry over here about what’s to come on Season 3. Hang on! Doesn’t Tara date a vampire in Book 3? I understand that TV Tara and Book Tara are two completely different characters but it looks like Tara’s going to have to swallow her words following this minisode.

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