True Blood Minisode #4 – Worst Minisode Ever

The fourth minisode in the lead up to the third season of True Blood has showed up online. This one features Sam alone for two minutes basically beating up Maryann’s minotaur head and basically pissing all over it.

Bit dull really. Its crazy the huge marketing campaign that has gone into advertising True Blood. It’s almost like they’re completely desperate for everyone to know that there’s a new season. I love the show (which is pretty obvious if you read any of my previous True Blood posts) but I found this minisode dull. Sure, the end is mildly funny but I find Sam to be the most dull lead character in the show. Not awful or anything but his storylines tend to be really thin and dragged out over a whole season – hopefully that will change in Season 3 when we meet his redneck family of shifters – the Mickens.

Anyway, check out the clip below:


  1. Gerard McGarry

    That’s definitely the strangest one yet. OK, I get that Sam was the subject of Maryann’s reign of terror, but him busting up a bulls head seems totally out of character for mild-mannered Sam.

    Unless of course, there’s a darker trajectory for Sam?

    Are you starting to get fed up with the media blitz for the new series then?

    1. RandomEnigma

      I think HBO/Alan Ball are giving fans what they want with all this media blitz…I just think its crazy how much stuff they’re releasing about the new season EVERYDAY! It doesn’t bother me in particular, I just hope they don’t give too much away.

      Yes, I think Sam beating Maryann’s bull head and peeing on it might be an indication that they are completely done with the Maryann storyline…I liked Maryann as a villain and Michelle Forbes portrayed her well but that whole maenad story was the weakest element of the show and very much dragged out and lots of fans agree.

      Yes, I think it will be interesting to see what Sam will be like next season? I have my conspiracy theories about Sam from the books…he’s such a minor character yet he’s still so very mysterious and I find him very fishy. However, that might be just down to bad plotting by Charlaine Harris.

      1. Gerard McGarry

        Yeah, you’re right about the Maryann storyline being stretched out – but then from such a small part in Living Dead In Dallas and briefly being Sam’s low-key supernatural lover, it was a big change to the story. I liked how they worked in the character of Eggs though – he was Tara’s boyfriend in Living Dead as well, though such a minor character you’d barely notice him.

        As for Sam – no, I take him as he is to be honest, just a slightly reserved guy who’s living under the radar and who had a thing for Sookie but never followed-up on it. Then again, we know very little of his past before he came to Bon Temps (which is why he was a possible suspect in Season 1), so I suppose that’s an angle that could be explored. Is he running away from something? Has he got a darker secret he’s hiding?

        I suppose as regards True Blood, he was partly running from Maryann and maybe tracking down his biological family will fill out some more of Sam’s backstory.

  2. johnnytattoo

    Ok so it is a little on the strange side and I agree it is the worst minisode to date but the best bit comes at the end when Sam turns himself into the dog and pisses on the minotaur head.  Now thats comedy value right there!!! Cant wait for the new series to start.

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