True Blood Minisode #5: Bill

Bill Compton, you thieving bastard!

It looks like Saint Beehll isn’t as honourable and trustworthy as Sookeh would like to make out – I mean he just robbed Sookie’s engagement ring off that poor cougar saleswoman (Okay, she’s a cougar in physical age only).

I really enjoyed the penultimate minisode in the lead up to Season 3 of True Blood. Bill isn’t exactly my favourite character but this probably was one of his funniest scenes with the character that doesn’t involve Jessica. Kudos to the actress playing the saleswoman and her comic genius, hopefully she gets a recurring role next season. I love the terms ‘vampire-phobic’ and ‘Vampire American’, not exactly the most genius lines ever but some witty satire there.

Watch the video below:

P.S. Anyone notice how Bill is wearing his dressing gown from his flashback days with Lorena. Could the character be returning to his darker days of being a bloodthirsty and manipulative vamp?

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Mmm, you’re right, that’s not too honourable of Mister Compton. Loved the jeweller lady though – she got the best lines:

    Take me gently, but not too gently; the way a pirate would.


    Just tell me what you want daddy.

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