True Blood season 3 finale: Evil Is Going On (S03E12) – Episode review

The long awaited season finale to [[True Blood (TV Series)|True Blood]] has came and went…and Tara got a haircut. Yep, in the tradition of all disenfranchised women everywhere, Tara May Thornton (Rutina Wesley) snipped off her locks and did a pretty good job of it. Like we care.

It’s hard not to be glum about the series finale. I mean, there was action there: Calvin Norris got shot in the face, Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) got buried in concrete, Bill double-crossed Eric and tried to turn him into crazy-paving as well. Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) found out that Bill was originally after her for mercenary reasons, on the orders of the Queen Of Louisiana (Evan Rachel Wood), Alcide revealed his sex dreams about Sookie and Sam shot Tommy. Well, shot in the general direction of Tommy. Whether he hit his mark or not is a season cliffhanger.

But there were moments of dullness. The Hotshot storyline ended with Jason Stackhouse becoming king of the inbred, backwater community. Or at least promising to look after them while Crystal gets dragged off by cousin/brother/uncle Felton. It’s like letting the village idiot run an aid programme in Ethopia.

Sookie spends a lot of time chewing the fat with Russell Edgington while Eric, Bill and Pam go for a daytime nap. It doesn’t seem to bother the vamps that they’re leaving Sookie alone with him, and so Edgington tries to strike a deal with her. Again, rather a dull scene that’s capped off with Sookie sneering as she feeds Talbot’s jellified remains into the sink. It was so out of character for Sookie to take pleasure in taunting Russell this way, and it was never quite explained why she did it.

It’s tempting to suggest that because True Blood was already confirmed for a fourth series, the writing became lazy. It felt like there wasn’t quite enough to fill the episode, so we had bizarre scenes in which Godric appeared as a ghost to Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Sookie visited her grandmother’s grave (I half expected old Adele to reappear). I read a review by Anthony Ocasio that cuts to the heart of the matter pretty well:

This season 3 finale should have proven that there was a reason behind all of third season’s chaotic story telling. Instead, the finale is surprisingly even more disjointed and unorganized than the episodes that came before it.

The thing is, True Blood delivered so many better episode endings throughout the series that the finale was a sever let-down. We had Eric staking Talbot in a gay sex scene, and Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) sadistic sex scene with Lorena and far more – punchy, dramatic scenes that left our hearts racing and the audience wanting more as the end credits began to roll.

The finale was so through-other that even the dramatic reveal – that Bill was courting Sookie on orders from the Queen of Louisiana, and the sight of him flying out of her house after Sookie rescinded his invitation to enter her home – that none of the ending had any real impact and we were all sitting wondering where the climactic ending was.

Many critics have complained about the half-baked sub-plots running through this series. And I agree. I’ve said repeatedly throughout the series that the Sam, Jason and Tara storylines were getting tiresome.

All of that said, I’m glad Russell Edgington’s in deep freeze, due to reappear at some undetermined point in the future. However, the lingering problem – and I hate to say this about a series I love – is that I don’t have the slightest bit of interest in season 4. Nada. Hopefully, all of that will change when the teasrers start leaking out next year, but for now I’ll be putting True Blood aside. I’ll leave you with the words of Todd VanDerVerff…

No matter what happens, a “True Blood” finale should make the viewer feel something. We should be weeping that it’s all over and cursing that we have to wait until next summer. We should be intensely angry and disappointed, saying, “THAT was the finale?” We should be ecstatic from how excited we are at what just happened. We should feel one of the above or some combination of them. But the “True Blood” finale pretty much made me feel nothing.

Selected Quotes from Evil Is Going On

  • Russell Edgington: “I will not surrender to the true death. I will find a way to come back and kill your precious Viking and the brooding Mr Compton and his unbearable progeny and anybody you ever cared about, and all because you didn’t use your f*cking power!”
  • Sookie: “You watch your f*cking language.”
  • Tara: “Please tell me your not a f*cking werewolf. Cos Sam, there are already too many supernatural freaks in my life.”
  • Pam: “Eric, do the world a favour and ler that little f*ck fry.”
  • Sookie: “I’m not babysitting the psycho while you guys take a nap.”
  • Sookie: “Go crawl back into your holes, you creepy cold freaks.”
  • Maxine: “I you think I’m going to sit by and watch you throw your life away on a red-headed dead girl, you are sorely mistaken.”
  • Redneck: “There you go, uncle daddy Calvin.”
  • Sookie: “I’d feel safer protecting myself. Since I now know I’m basically vampire crack.”
  • Bill: “Wrapped in silver. Encased in concrete. You won’t be going anywhere for at least a hundred years.” Russell: “A hundred years? That’s nothing to me. That’s a nap!”
  • Bill: “I’m not taking any chances. I intend to bring the true death to all who have tasted you and know what you are.”

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