True Blood Season 3 – Night On The Sun (S03E08) – Episode review

If you’re a hater of that relationship between Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse, then the opening of last night’s Night On The Sun will have been wonderful. Even the sight of old Bill, with blood tears streaming down his face brought about a glimmer of hope. Can it be that Sookie’s finished with Bill forever?

And if you watched the ending, you’ll know that hope – like a fly on a window – is just begging to be squashed. Sad really, because the one thing last night’s True Blood did well was press home just how far from normal Bill and Sookie’s relationship is. At her hospital bedside, Bill tells her that he wants her to have babies and to live in the sun and all that human stuff. But it won’t be with him. A conversation between Alcide and Sookie later on echoes this when they both lament that if they’d met under different circumstances, they’d be together.

There’s plenty of fun to be had over at Russell Eddington’s place – he’s married Sophie-Anne and brought her home to live with him and his lover Talbot. Talbot has an epic hissy fit – his lover has got married without consulting him, and he just can’t get Franklins brains removed from the bedding. We’ve all be there, haven’t we?

So, as Russell plots to recapture Sookie, Eric offers to soothe the raging Talbot. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. Of a stake. But, as much as those scenes between Eric and Talbot may have raised the temperatures of the crowd over at AfterElton (not to mention the legions of women who lust after Alexander Skarsgard), they didn’t do much for me other than to prove how ruthless Eric is when he wants something. Just remember, in the Charlaine Harris books, Eric’s maker introduced him to the homoerotic world, so it’s nothing new to him!

Strange things are happening in Tara and Lafayette’s world. Tara’s a ball of aggression with Sookie, warning her not to reunite with Bill, but in private, she’s having nightmares about Franklin coming back to her. And we’re not 100% sure that Franklin’s dead, are we?

Lafayette’s crazy mother (that’s not street slang – his mother is certifiably nuts) brings him a message that he’s powerful. Now, I’d have thought even Lafayette would have seen enough to start taking ominous warnings seriously. But he seems to be rejecting her statements, even when his would-be lover Jesus backs that up. Now, even though the two men were last seen getting jiggy in Lafayette’s living room, we can’t help but wonder if Jesus has an ulterior motive to keep an eye on the chef/drug dealer. Who exactly was he on the phone to?

Speaking of crazy, Arlene’s small part shows her dreaming that her husband, Rene (the killer from the first season of True Blood) has returned from the grave to give his unborn child guidance in becoming a serial killer. How much of this is hallucination and how much is actual ‘Ghost Whisperer’ type stuff remains to be seen. Is it possible that Rene Lenier could be back from the grave? Also, in Arlene’s trailer trash world, she’s seen introducing a new waitress to Merlotte’s – Holly. (Spoiler: Holly’s a witch. Or a Wiccan, if you’re smart enough to differentiate!)

Night On The Sun wraps up with a fairly fantastic battle at Sookie’s place: Debbie Pelt, itching to get revenge on Sookie for stealing her ex and locking her in a shed, leads a small pack of werewolves to the house for a showdown. (Note: For what it’s worth, werewolves in the True Blood world don’t have to wait until the full moon to change – they can generally change at will, although they have to change on the full moon – it’s in their nature).

What’s awesome about this is that Bill and Jessica had a brief Karate Kid style training session at Bill’s house. So when trouble comes knocking at Sookie’s door, the pair turn up, spoiling for a fight. Nice to see Jessica getting to unleash her inner vamp instead of being so angsty all the time. Of course, they don’t expect vamp kind Russell Eddington to show up too. He toys with Jessica a little, sending a werewolf to chase her into the woods. And he kicks Bill around a little bit too.

Here’s where it gets genius, folks – just as Russell’s getting really mean, things are getting steamy between Eric and Talbot back at the mansion. This is where Eric chooses to strike against Russell – with Talbot’s back to him (you can only imagine the position!) Eric plunges a stake into him. No, that’s not a metaphor. Russell instantly ‘feels’ the death of his lover and flies off, leaving Bill on the ground. The showdown between Eric and Russell is going to be good stuff.

Sookie sees off Debbie Pelt after a vicious catfight. Bill stumbles into the upstairs bathroom and the two have a heated reconciliation. Damn.

A fast paced and furious episode tonight – we haven’t even touched on Jason and Crystal’s developing storyline, or on that beautifully tender moment where Bill comforts a distraught Jessica. Sam’s little brother may turn out to be a troublemaker, but at least the Mickens’s have left town.

Sookie will probably regret not putting a bullet in Debbie Pelt’s chest before the series is ended, but for now, Bill has proven himself loyal to her. It was adorable to see Bill spending some time with Jessica, and Jessica’s time in isolation seems to have knocked some of the brattishness out of her. And of course, will Eric’s revenge end with the death of Talbot, or will he insist on finishing off Eddington before he calls it quits?

Quotes from Night On The Sun

  • Bill: “You’re afraid of me.” Sookie: “Can you blame me?”
  • Talbot: “You never said she was going to live with us.” Russell: “She’s my wife, Talbot. We just acquired the state of Louisiana. I thought you would’ve been excited.” Talbot: “Excited? Franklin’s brains won’t wash off the bed linens, I had to bury werewolves under the gazebo and that Sookie bitch staked Lorena.”
  • Russell: “I killed the magister. Well, he deserved it.”
  • Russell asks Eric why he should be trusted. Eric: “Because I have been searching for you for a thousand years.”
  • Rene appears to Arlene. “That can’t keep me from my boy. You gonna finish what your daddy started, ain’t ya T-Boo?”
  • Bill releases Jessica. She refuses. “I didn’t know how to control myself because you never taught me. No, I need you. You are the only maker I got.”
  • Sookie: “I’m not gonna press charges on Bill. Bill didn’t attack me on purpose. He was starving and unconscious. It’s his nature.” Alcide: “It’s no excuse.”
  • Sookie read Jason’s mind. Jason: “You got no right coming into my head. It’s trespassing.”
  • Sam sniffs trouble. It’s his mother. Melinda: “That son of a bitch is your daddy. And he’s my husband.”
  • Sookie: “Glamourin’ doesn’t work on me. It might be over between me and Bill, but what we had was real. And I can’t just flip a switch and turn my heart off.”
  • Tara tells Sookie to stay away from Bill. Alcide shows up. Tara: “Good, maybe you can flirt some sense into that girl, coz logic sure ain’t workin’.”
  • Crystal’s beat up. Jason: “What’d you do, swim here?” Crystal: “It’s the only way they couldn’t track my scent.” Jason: “Is that…drug dealer code for somethin’?”
  • Arlene: “That’s Tara. She’s all bark. And well, she bites too.”
  • Crystal: “I been promised to Felton since I was four.”
  • Lafayette’s mother: “You have power, boy. You always have. That’s why they’re coming. I got to protect you, but I can’t do it if you keep druggin’ me.”
  • Sookie: “If I’d known what was best for me, I’d have fallen in love with someone like you.” Alcide: “Back at ya.”
  • Bill tells Jessica that he and Sookie are finished. “Jessica, it’s over.” Jessica: “No way.” Bill: “Way.”
  • Russell and Talbot are having a spat. “Oh, poor Talbot. Are your diamond slippers chafing?”
  • Jesus tells Lafayette that his mother’s right about his powers: “She’s schizophrenic, but that doesn’t mean she’s not perceptive…All that energy you’ve got. It can go dark if you let it.”
  • Debbie Pelt: “You f*ck vampires and werewolves because your own kind rejects you. They know you’re nothing but a freak.”
  • Bill taunts Russell: “You are 3,000 years old and a king. Yet you hide behind guards, wolves and a baby vampire. Are you a coward, or are you just lazy?”

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