True Blood Season 3 – The Best Trailer Yet!

Looks like Season 3 of True Blood is going to be just as dramatic and cinematic as the last. We’ve had extremely brief 15 second trailers so far but this one is the most insightful yet and is sure to drive you fangbangers crazy.

P.S. Looks like Jason’s going to get all the witty lines this season too.


  1. Gerard McGarry

    Jason Stackhouse is such a blissfully stupid, idiotic, testosterone-overdosed redneck fool! Fantastic character! I loved his and Andy Bellefleur’s pairing up at the end of True Blood Season 2, and I really hope there’s more in store for Jason in the new series – he certainly doesn’t play a major role in Club Dead, so hopefully there’ll be something interesting for him this time round.

    1. RandomEnigma

      I believe Jason’s storyline in Season 3 of True Blood will contain elements from his rather big storyline in Dead To The World. The BIG change that happens to Jason (*fellow book reader secret wink*) probably won’t happen but some certain characters from Hotshot might be making an appearance in Season 3 to keep Jason happy.

      Yes, I think Jason is a great character – he went from being one of my least favourites in Season 1 to one of my favourites in Season 2. While he remains a redneck fool, I’m glad that Jason seems to have grown up a bit from both series because if he was to continue to be the manwhore he is for as long as he is in the books, then the character would have grown shallow and boring very quick.

      I like the pairing of Andy and Jason too and hope it continues in Season 3. In the books, Andy never liked the Stackhouses so I’m glad that element of the story has been changed for TV.

      It looks like Tara’s going to be very vulnerable again this season. I want the snarky, cynical Tara back! 🙁 The Franklin Mott character appears to be interesting though – he seems to bear some resemblance to Dead As A Doornail character Mickey though – hope they don’t combine both characters for TV.

      I love the name Lou Pine’s as the proper name for Club Dead. Another fantastically tacky pun that seems to be favoured by supes so much.

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