True Blood tease Season 3 with Minisodes

Hopefully you [[True Blood (TV Series)|True Blood]] fans are out there jittering with excitement and the upcoming third season, which begins in the US in June. What’s brilliant about this is that while all the other American television series’ are about to hit their season finale, True Blood will extend on into the summer. Which I’m sure you’ll agree will give us all something to get our fangs into.

Anyway, in order to tease the start of the new series, HBO are releasing frequent short minisodes, showing some of our favourite characters. Eric and Pam are holding auditions in Fangtasia for a new dancer, while Jessica is accosted by a bible basher in a club.

Yep, that’s Eric in his tracksuit auditioning freaky fangbanger wannabes. That tracksuit has got to be the funniest visual joke of the series – a centuries old Norseman lounging around in leisurewear.

And here’s everyone’s favourite new vampire Jessica on the receiving end of a bible bashing…

What I love about Jessica is that you never know which way she’s going to react to something. I’m never sure whether she’s going to snap someone’s neck or show them mercy. And I’m pretty sure neither does Jessica until it happens!

Anyway – keep your eyes open for more True Blood teasers. If I can spot any new minisodes, I’ll post them to our Vampires, Inc group. So make sure you’re a member of that group to get the updates!


  1. RandomEnigma

    I’d also like to add to your article for any anxious UK fans, Season 3 of True Blood is coming to the UK soon according to skymag. I like the minisodes, especially the Jessica one. I think I’m in love.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Thanks for that. If you get a UK launch date for the series, will you post it? It’d be great if the UK launch was reasonably close to the US for once!

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