True Blood: The Jason Stackhouse minisode looks fierce!

It looks like the pace of True Blood’s third season isn’t going to let up for a moment: here’s the latest minisode to promote the upcoming season (I’ve lost count by now). This video shows Jason racing into the woods just after he’s shot Tara’s boyfriend Eggs and pleading to a baffling number of gods for help.

You know things are truly desperate when you’re praying for help from Aslan!

Of course, there’s something waiting in the undergrowth with yellow glowing eyes. And it isn’t a vampire. We also get a look at some of Jason’s regrets, and some of the nasty behaviour he’s pulled over the last couple of years. Or it could just be his life flashing before his eyes?

Of course, to those of us who’ve been reading the Sookie Stackhouse books, we’ve got a fair idea what’s in Jason’s immediate future…

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