Two Doctors?? – Big Bang Spoiler

TV Choice Magazine has a new interview with Matt Smith which all but confirms the “doctor crossing his own timeline theory”, if you read between the lines.

Asked if Smith knew all along how the series would end, he replied, “No. You get your call sheet and you see Episode 12. But I filmed that when we were doing Flesh And Stone, which was four and five, wasn’t it? But then you’re doing your episode 12 insert at the end of your shooting day.”

“So you just think, ‘God, I’ve got to do this other scene and I’ve got no idea what it’s about, I just know I’ve got to come up and be quite concerned about Amy,’ but I don’t know why. However, it was nice because the Doctor also doesn’t know. He’s always thinking, ‘I’m trying to work it out’. I also think it’s amazing how the magic of time travel is perfectly captured.”

Smith added “[Episode 13 is] brilliant. It’s how cleverly Steven Moffat plays with time, really. That’s the real virtue of these two episodes — Steven’s brilliant mind. I don’t know how he thinks that way.
Did he promise a big ending that will surprise everyone?
 Well, yeah. It keeps you hanging on.”

So there you almost have it from the Horses mouth. Future recording of concern for Amy while on the Flesh & Stone set.. Is this the “Two Doctors” theory many eagle eyed folk picked up on? or something else completely?

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    He’s most definitely talking about the insert they had to do for Flesh And Stone.

    God, I’ve got to do this other scene and I’ve got no idea what it’s about, I just know I’ve got to come up and be quite concerned about Amy

    So, when he told Amy she had to remember something, it may not have been from his first encounter with her – it may have been when he went back to the young Amy and told her something to help in the future. Could be an awful lot of complicated time-jumping to tell this finale story! Looking forward to it.

  2. Mitnik

    Agree completely.. I think we are going to have an awful lot of timey whinney wibbly wobbly stuff going on, I have a feeling it’s going to remind me of the NCIS episode where the guy has tried to frame Tony and we go back over three episodes seeing all those little hints that meant nothing until they were put into context.

  3. WanderingStar

    Near the end of the Eleventh hour, when Amy and the Doctor are in the Tardis and it’s taking of, we are shown a flipover clock. 
    Now, I just looked at the sequence, and the hour part of the clock flips over from 11am, to 12pm, to 12pm AGAIN, to 1pm.

    And then there is the clock in Amys room near the end of Flesh and stone, that flips over from 11:59am 25/6 to 12.00pm 26/6.

    24 hours just got lost there…


  4. WanderingStar

    But you’re human
    You’re Amy
    You’re getting married in the morning… *thoughtful pause* in the morning…

    It’s you, it’s all about you.


    It’s all about Amy.

  5. Jeffrey Scott

    Everyone seems to be assuming everything will be all tied up by the final minute of the finale episode. That may not be the case. Sure, some minor plot points may be tied up, but it’s very possible there may be something yet unresolved, which will make us wait for the next series all the more so.

    It hurts to have to wait so long when shows do this (See any of the Star Trek series), but it’s very effective for keeping an audience captivated till the next season. Look how many people spent time in-between Lost series talking, theorizing and arguing about what was going to happen.

    Could Dr.Who be headed in the same direction? Let’s face it. Anyone who is going to watch Dr.Who is already watching it. There may not be any need to begin a series fresh from the start each season to draw in new viewers.

    Just a thought anyway.

  6. Mitnik

    Oh that’s an evil wicked thought to throw into the mix Jeffrey, and quite possible with Moffat at the reins, he’s been drip-feeding us and stringing us along from the first episode.

    Poor Amy Pond, Still such a child inside. Dreaming of the Magic Doctor she knows will come to save her. What a disappointment you’ve been! 

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