Tyler Grady and Joe Muñoz eliminated from American Idol

We did the female eliminations a few minutes ago, now here are the two guys who got eliminated from [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]]. 70’s styled rocker Tyler Grady got the boot, and baby-faced singer Joe Muñoz.

I remember being disappointed with Joe Muñoz – mostly for choosing a Jason Mraz song (I’m not a fan of the be-hatted Mraz and his lazy crooning). Even though Kara called him the best singer of the night, [[Simon Cowell]] gave him a damning judgement: “I don’t believe that you’re the kind of artist who can sell records all over the world. I think it was an OK, safe, forgettable performance. In 10 seconds time, we’re gonna forget that performance.”

Now, witness how quickly we forget about mousey Joe…

As for Tyler Grady – you’ll either have loved him or hated him. Or not cared enough to vote for him. Tyler’s the guy who’s trying to channel the ghost of Jim Morrison and other retro rockers of that era. As someone who loves The Doors, and Led Zeppelin and all that kind of music, someone like Tyler Grady presents a problem – are they being authentic or are they being copycat? Is there a place for leather trousers, open neck shirts and full-on rock pouting? In 2010?

To be fair, Tyler impressed with his version of American Woman. I liked the bluesy start, even if the performance went downhill from there, vocally speaking. Sadly, the very thing that made Tyler stand out in auditions – his vintage look and sound – seemed to go against him on the first live show. In fact, it gave [[Randy Jackson]] an opportunity to make the most banal comment of the night, “this is what I’m bringing to the 70’s in 2010”. Huh?

I can stand to lose Joe Muñoz, he wasn’t showing the kid of charisma we needed from a pop star. Tyler’s a different matter though – I thought he had a bit more potential. It’s especially hard to get knocked out in the first week of live shows, and perhaps a little unfair since he was led to believe that his style was a big selling point.

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