U2 Get Your Boots On Review


Dublin based rockers and “world-hero” Bono are back with their newest album “No Line On The Horizon.” With it comes the first single “Get Your Boots On.” Really this song is just a continuation of 2004’s “Vertigo,” using the slightly experimental style of early 90’s U2.

However, this is a problem for the band. They’re stuck in a loop recycling old sounds, making “Get Your Boots On,” just another track in the never ending cycle of their discography.

While this powerful, upbeat and energetic song will be an instantaneous chart success, what does it say about U2? It says their popularity hasn’t waned in all the years they’ve been together.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I was disappointed – not because I’m a massive U2 fan – but because I’d read so much hype about the new material. Apparently they scrapped some material they’d recorded with Rick Rubin in order to record with Brian Eno again. And on the basis of the stylistic u-turns they’d made, and sonic leaps they made back in the 90s, I was hoping they’d give us something to talk about. When I reviewed this on Unreality Music, the uproar from the fans was shocking – they hated it.

    While it’s not a bad song, Get On Your Boots is like a mix-up of all their other stuff. I love The Edge’s fuzzy riffing on the track, I like that sound. But I’m just not impressed. I was expecting better, more innovative.

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