UK Pop Charts – 10 January 2010

The lineup of the top ten has changed quite a bit since our last look at it. Notably, X Factor winner Joe McElderry’s debut single dropped a significant 13 places in the last week. Strangely though, the top spot has been overtaken by a new entry – new artist Iyaz with his debut single Replay.

  1. Iyaz – Replay: What to make of this inoffensive R&B track? Definitely one for the teenies, commits the double-crime of overusing the word “Shortie” and drinking too much autotune.
  2. Sidney Samson – Riverside (Let’s Go) ft Wizard Sleeve: Pure ringtone material, this one. It’s one of those songs that’s awful bordering on brilliant, you know? Very squeaky, but fun to bop along to…
  3. [[3OH!3]] ft [[Katy Perry]] – Starstrukk: Katy looking sexy, two guys to dream they’ve found the formula to make themselves irresistable to women? What’s not to love?
  4. [[Lady Gaga]] – Bad Romance: The all-powerful Gaga continues to ride high in the chart. And where would the top ten be without a Gaga tune in it?
  5. Florence and the Machine – You’ve Got The Love: FatM’s reworking of this classic is done in an epic, slightly-dreamy way that totally drew me in. Time to sit up and take notice of this girl.
  6. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’: I’m hoping this one is staying in the charts for the Glee connection (starts tonight on E4 at 9pm, UK readers) and not so much for the Joe McElderry connection. The Glee version is the best you’ll hear, and so much more fun that the be-mulleted Journey frontman.
  7. Chipmunk ft Talay Riley – Look For Me: Doesn’t quite have the charm of Oopsy Daisy, but Chipmunk successfully manages a good Taio Cru style chorus, making this one very radio-friendly tune indeed. The instrumentation sounds the same as BEP’s I Gotta Feeling.
  8. Ke$ha – Tik Tok: I caught a semi-live performance of this by Ke$ha last night – still pretending to be drunk when she sings it. Maybe she is. Otherwise, it’d be slightly embarrassing. Good track, but time for a new single?
  9. [[The Saturdays (Band)|The Saturdays]] – Ego: Good to see the girls flying a flag for girl groups now that Girls Aloud are on extended vacation and Sugababes are crap.
  10. [[Black Eyed Peas]] – Meet Me Halfway: …right on the borderline…

Noticing that Alexandra’s Broken Heels still hasn’t gone top ten, although it is rising in the chart. Is that unusual for an X Factor act when they release a single without the chance to appear on the [[The X Factor (UK TV Series)|X Factor]] live shows?

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