UK Singles Chart – 22 February 2009

Lily Allen holds on to her position at the top of the singles chart this week, followed closely by Madame GaGa and her wonderful pop anthem. In terms of utter dross, we have Alesha Dixon’s Breathe Slow, and Eminem’s totally forgettable comeback single Crack A Bottle.

Shockingly…U2’s new single Get On Your Boots failed to chart inside the Top 10. From the feedback we received over on Unreality Music, the fans hated the new single. Have people gone cold on U2?

  1. [[Lily Allen]] – The Fear: Lil’s on fire! Two weeks at number one, and nobody’s been crass enough to mention the sheer, gaping chasm between her career and Miss Winehouse’s. I wonder if Amy’s return will be just as stellar?
  2. [[Lady GaGa]] – Just Dance: GaGa is still riding high with her debut, as the follow-up Poker Face is on constant rotation on the music channels. Great stuff.
  3. Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody: Nashville’s finest rock yelper and his kinfolk are burning up the top ten, and rightly so. This tune’s really grown on me, and KOL are one band that I’m really getting into at the moment.
  4. Prodigy – Omen:Storming return from old British favourites The Prodigy.
  5. Alesha Dixon – Breathe Slow:No underestimating how much the British public love Alesha Dixon. Not my favourite track, as I’ve said before, but instead of breathing slow, I’ll be holding my breath for whatever she releases next.
  6. Shontelle – T-Shirt: R&B cutie Shontelle jumps up a couple of positions this week, proving that recycling Chris Brown’s With You was a great idea.
  7. James Morrison & Nelly Furtado – Broken Strings:A slushsome ballad that’s actually quite good.
  8. [[Beyoncé Knowles]] – Single Ladies:A raunchy R&B number that’s actually quite balls. Textbook Beyonce.
  9. Eminem – Crack A Bottle: Eminem’s lairy comeback single lacks the charm of his earlier work, but that didn’t stop the fans coming out in their droves and buying it. To be honest, he needs a little bit more of the righteous rage that drove him in the beginning.
  10. Pussycat Dolls ft Missy Elliott – Whatcha Think About That:You know what? This is a great song – unashamedly radio-friendly and with a brilliant refrain from Missy Elliott. Try singing the “dude ain’t actin’ right” bit in the voice of Cartman from South Park for a bit of fun.

Soooo….any faves in the chart this week? I see Taylor Swift is breaking into the charts, and I’m really getting into that N-Dubz song right now too.

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