UK Top Ten – 14 February 2010

Yes, it’s the Valentine’s Day pop chart, but shockingly there’s almost nothing with a romantic vibe in this week’s top 10.

Interestingly, the Jedward single has dropped out of the Top Ten and is hovering at number 12. It’s quite a significant drop for a duo who were being touted as a phenomenon a couple of months ago. The X Factor effect doesn’t last long for male acts, groups and novelty acts – of which Jedward are all three.

But of course, Simon Cowell is impacting the charts in other ways, with his charity single in aid of Haiti. I have my own opinions on that one, as you’ll see…

  1. Helping Haiti – Everybody Hurts: Call me grumpy, but this single being jam-packed with most of Simon Cowell’s protégéeswon’t hurt any of their record sales, will it? I just wish he’d called in some real pop stars instead of mining his own stable of talent and having the audacity to call it a charity single.
  2. Owl City – Fireflies: I think this might become a one-hit wonder – for the simple reason that we still know nothing about the band or composer behind this track.
  3. Timbaland ft [[Katy Perry]] – If We Ever Meet Again: I’m starting to enjoy this collaboration between Timbo and Perry. It might be something to do with Katy’s choice of attire for the video, rather than the actual tune!
  4. Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind (Part II): What can I say about this tune that hasn’t been said already? Alicia’s second version of Empire State is amazing. Possibly one of the best songs of her career?
  5. [[Glee (TV Series)|Glee Cast]] – Don’t Stop Believin’: Two Glee singles in the chart this week, but Don’t Stop Believin’, is still the best of them.
  6. [[3OH!3]] ft Katy Perry – Starstrukk: You already know what I think of this one – it’s utterly stupid, but just great fun. But it does leave us wondering what’s next for 3OH!3 and whether they can keep our attention with their future singles.
  7. JLS – One Shot: Lisa saw the boys live at the Hammersmith Apollo this weekend and raved about them. One of the finest pop groups we have in the UK right now, no doubt about it!
  8. Iyaz – Replay: I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!
  9. Glee Cast – Halo/Walking On Sunshine: This only aired in the UK last week and shot into the Top 10 already – it’s total madness from the Glee crew.
  10. [[Rihanna]] – Rude Boy: Haven’t really heard this one yet, mostly because Rihanna’s last three singles haven’t really excited me. I’m finding it hard to be interested in her musical output these days.


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