UK Top Ten – 31 January 2010

Well, here’s this weeks UK top 10 – and for the fourth week of 2010, there still isn’t anything that’s really amazed me. OK, I’m loving a bit of Marina And The Diamonds’ Hollywood at the moment, and Alicia Keys is performing solidly with her new music.

Anyway, the top ten for the week beginning 31st January 2010 looks a little like this…

  1. Owl City – Fireflies: The song I most want to hate – plummy posh vocals, quirky instrumentation and an artsy video. All adds up to one helluva pretentious record. But it’s still annoyingly likeable!
  2. Glee Cast – Don’t Stop Believin’: Riding high on the success over the Glee series that finally made its way to the UK this year, this unfashionable old rock song has been given a musical theatre makeover and a new lease of life – a brilliant tune!
  3. Iyaz – Replay: The word inoffensive keeps coming to mind with this tune. Maybe it’s because it’s a track for the ringtone generation, but Replay fails to move me in the slightest. A dull R&B track that’s not nearly as charming as Iyaz seems to think.
  4. [[3OH!3]] – Starstrukk: Teaming up with [[Katy Perry]] hasn’t hurt these fellas and their burgeoning pop career – although Katy’s clearly in that difficult in-between-albums stage: her second collaboration single, with Timbaland, landed at number 17 in the chart this week.
  5. Sidney Sampson – Riverside (Let’s Go): Becoming very annoying, very quickly. Can you believe it’s had over 5 million spins on YouTube?
  6. JLS – One Shot: Ah, the JLS. Single-handedly bringing back the boyband, these X Factor runners-up have carved out a brilliant career without the help of reality TV puppetmaster, Simon Cowell. Great tune.
  7. Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind (Part II): Even better than part one; we don’t have to listen to a rambling, barely-there verse from Jay-Z, which means more of Alicia blasting out that powerful chorus!
  8. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’: You know you’re in the digital age when the success of an old song generates enough sales for the original version to make the top ten! I’m sure the guys in Journey aren’t complaining about the extra royalties!
  9. Example – Won’t Go Quietly: An irresistable slab of dancefloor dynamite. Shimmering synth-backed verses coupled with fuzzy electro-rock choruses make for one of the better top ten tunes this week.
  10. Jay-Z – Young Forever: White-haired rent-a-crooner, Mr Hudson racks up the collaboration points with a spot on Jay-Z’s new single. It doesn’t get bigger than that. Nope, not even that Kanye hook-up last year.

Now, over to you lot – what are you loving and/or hating in the charts this week?

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