UK Top Ten – 7 February 2010

Owl City have held on to their Number 1 spot, despite a strong midweek position for John and Edward Grimes, which suggested that they might score a #1 with their debut single.

On the plus side, both of Katy Perry’s collaborations are in the top ten, and so are both versions of Don’t Stop Believin’.

  1. Owl City – Fireflies: Holding on to #1, this single’s a bit of a surprise for me – it sounds a tiny bit dated and far too off-beat to have even charted. Hard to get excited about this track.
  2. John & Edward – Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) ft Vanilla Ice: It’s so, so wrong. But it’s actually a little bit right. Everything that’s cheesy and awful about Jedward still manages to create a decent novelty single.
  3. Timbaland ft [[Katy Perry]] – If We Ever Meet Again: Both artists slightly coasting with this single, Timbaland and Perry are capable of better, but it’s still a fun slice of pop and we’re not going to moan about it!
  4. Glee Cast – Don’t Stop Believin’: It’s not often that a cover version surpasses the original, but the Glee cast have created the new definitive version of Don’t Stop Believin’!
  5. Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind (Part II): This tune just sounds so much better with all the Jay-Z bits taken out. More room for that fantastic chorus.
  6. Iyaz – Replay: Shawtee’s starting to get stuck in my head now. Even though I hate the song, hate it with a burning passion, I still can’t stop repeating that chorus!
  7. 3OH!3 ft Katy Perry – Starstrukk: Still loving this awesome track, which is for the most part built around wolf-whistles.
  8. JLS – One Shot: The JLS magic continues with this third single. These guys have the perfect pop formula just right – normally I find myself whinging about boybands, but I love their attitude and tunes.
  9. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’: If a haphazard band of teen glee-clubbers isn’t your scene, why not get yourself a copy of the original mullet singing this uplifting anthem?
  10. Example – Won’t Go Quietly: An irresistable slab of dancefloor dynamite. Shimmering synth-backed verses coupled with fuzzy electro-rock choruses make for one of the better top ten tunes this week.

Coming close to a top ten positioning tonight are Ke$ha with her latest, and the awesome Marina And The Diamonds with Hollywood, a single I must get around to reviewing, because it’s one of the best pop tunes I’ve heard this year.

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