Ukranian singer Inessa Lee fails to impress the American Idol judges

Oh wow. San Francisco auditions for American Idol got off to a kooky start – the camera crew following a sobbing blonde girl who’d obviously been rejected. When asked if she had a message for the judges, here’s what she had to say:

Just because somebody farts, let ’em finish singing. Okay?

And things get even kookier when the adorable Ukranian wannabe Inessa Lee auditions for the Idol judges. Seriously, how can you not love Inessa? Big wide eyes, cute accent and a world ambition hidden inside her petite, bellydancing body. She describes herself in these glowing terms:

I’m a blend of Shakira, early Madonna…in terms of dancing, I’m like Kylie Minogue. I’m an amazing choreographer. In terms of appearance, I can be Katy Perry. I can be anybody you want.

Man, the last time I heard somebody saying “I can be anybody you want”, it was Julia Roberts propositioning Richard Gere. Come to think of it, she was wearing the same shade of pink that Inessa was wearing for her audition.

Inessa sings All Out Of Love for the judges. She’s got a beautiful accent, but it’s not the most musical voice to listen to. Certainly not American Idol standard. She’s unfazed when Steven Tyler tells her that though, and does a cutesy Betty Boop voice saying “I can work it out…I promise!”

Ultimately, Inessa gets rejected and she keeps the perky act up, right until she gets in the elevator. Then we see a more vulnerable side to her. What a wonderful little diva! I loved her. Someone give her a television series!

What the judges said:

Steven Tyler: Good grief, you’re so cute and precious. I’m of Ukraine. My grandfather was from the Ukraine. I was so hoping you’d have that voice to go with it, and the pitch and the melody was all over the place.

Jennifer Lopez: You have a young spirit, and that’s a beautiful thing. You’re cute as a button and you’ve a great spirit, but the singing’s not there.

Fast facts: Inessa Lee

  • Name: Inessa Lee
  • Age: 22
  • From: Tujunga, California
  • Occupation: Dancer/Student
  • Sings: All Out Of Love by Air Supply

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