Unreality Shout hits the half-a-million pageviews mark!

This is just a quick note to the readers and die-hard fans of Unreality Shout. The site has been growing really rapidly in the last few months.

Our fan coverage of shows like Doctor Who and Ashes To Ashes has drawn in huge audiences. For example, our review of the last-ever Ashes To Ashes episode drew in almost 45,000 readers. That’s unprecedented! This weekend’s Doctor Who coverage has been fabulously successful, and has inspired lots of new members to sign up and share their theories about the series finale.

So, how well are we doing? Well, in the last month Unreality Shout has had over 200,000 unique visitors, and those visitors have read in the region of 510,000 pages. As the founder of this site, it goes way beyond my expectations. I’m thrilled at how well we’re doing, and this post is to share the good news with my friends on the site – all of you who comment religiously on posts, who start forum topics and write blog entries.

The Dream for Shout

Shout, for me, is something fun and new. It’s a community for people who live and breathe entertainment: telly addicts, music fans, movie buffs. It’s a place where you can write about your favourite bands, movies, actors, celebrities. You can create fan groups in honour of your favourite entertainment and invite other fans to join in.

There’s a reason it’s called Shout. We know from personal experience how hard it is to establish your voice as a blogger, particularly in entertainment writing.

That’s why we created a community site. Your opinions matter here, whether you’re reporting on the news, or reviewing books, singles or television programmes. Whether you prefer to leave comments on other blog posts or simply hang out in the forums.

My own vision for Shout is that we continue to grow. I want to see new members writing, sharing opinions, making recommendations about things they’ve seen at the cinema, new bands they’ve discovered, awesome books they’ve read. Opinions will always be at the heart of this site, and I want Unreality Shout to be one of the first sites people turn to when they want to hear what real people have to say about the media.

And thanks to all of you, who’ve helped us achieve this milestone on Unreality Shout, whether by participating in the site or by spreading the word. I know many of you are talking about Shout at reality TV auditions, making this place a real hub for information about the process. Thank you!

Oh, and rather than name names…have a look at our top contributors on Shout, the people who make this place what it is.

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  1. RandomEnigma

    That’s fantastic news! Half a million views – I’d be ecstatic if that were me! Congratulations, Gerard! Hell, I jumped around for joy when my new WordPress blog got 50 views one day.

    This really is a fantastic site and a really accessible way of blogging. I know for many people, sites such Blogger, WordPress and other blogging sites can be incredibly confusing and overwhelming so you deserve a round of applause for giving the public an easy way of venting their opinions.

    I hope Unreality Shout continues to grow and more people will start to generate their own regular blog entries other than me, you and Lisa. There are some really intelligent people on the forums though and its fun to be able to discuss things with them.

    Here’s to the continued growth of Shout as a site. *raises imaginary glass*

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Half a million views – I’d be ecstatic if that were me! Congratulations, Gerard! Hell, I jumped around for joy when my new WordPress blog got 50 views one day.

      You’ve hit the nail on the head there – it’s incredibly hard to build that kind of online presence. I mean, your Ok Sookie post has had 2,500 views since last night, and your California Gurls review has had 1,400. Now, it doesn’t happen like that every single time, but the more we work on the site, the more people get to read your writing, which I think is brilliant!

      We recently closed down the forum at Unreality TV and moved our users over here. I’m hoping over time some of them try out blogging as well – Trudy, SlaneyValley, Stratso and Rosie-Lee have some great opinions on shows like Big Brother and the reality/talent shows, so it’ll be nice to see more from them as the site grows.

      But yes, glasses raised for Shout!

  2. Mitnik

    Congratulations.. Being one of those just signed up from the last Doctor Who episode type peoples, I’m enjoying what I’m finding here..

    One thing I would like to see in the future is an easier way of seeing what group posts have had comments since your last visit (yes it’s sheer laziness on my part) but I do think that helps with keeping the conversation flowing.

    That said it might already be an option, I’m more used to vBulletin & WordPress sites that this setup so I’m still exploring, any hints and tips from the established folk here would be welcomed πŸ™‚

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Hi Mitnik – I’m really glad you asked that question! There’s already a feature here that does what you’re looking for.

      There are two navigation menus under the site logo – one has Home, Blogs, Forum, etc, and underneath that there’s Books, Celebrities, Movies, etc.

      On the lower menu, you’ll see a link for “Recent posts” – that one shows you all the recent posts that’ve been made on the site. However, on the recent posts page, there’s a tab for “My recent posts” – if you click on this, you’ll see a combination of posts you’ve created and posts you’ve commented on – with the most recently updated posts at the top. Great feature, go and have a poke around it!

      P.S. Glad to see you joined up to the Doctor Who fan group. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the series finale!

      P.P.S. I will be working on making more tutorial material for the site to show people how to harness its best features. There’s so much you can do with Shout, it’s amazing! And yes, we’re planning a move to new server hardware soon to prevent those random “Page Not Found” errors.

      1. Mitnik

        Ahhh.. couldn’t see the woods for the trees πŸ™‚

        Thanks for that, will be able to bookmark that page to make keeping track of things a little easier.

        Yes some tutorials would be nice. a few screencasts can always help when trying to get to grips with something new.

  3. Jeffrey Scott

    I’m really starting to enjoy SHOUT and have been enjoying the chats about various other shows. I’m hoping I’ll be able to find the time soon because I want to Blog about the American Big Brother when it comes on.

    With luck, to draw more American fans to the site.


    1. Gerard McGarry

      Jeffrey – I appreciate any contribution you can make, really. I have to thank you for coming on board with Unreality Shout with little to no grumbling and embracing the new site wholeheartedly! As my resident Doctor Who guru, I’d be totally lost without you!

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