Unsurprisingly, Amber Tamblyn is leaving House

Amber Tamblyn in House

Since pretty female doctors rarely last long in the hostile environment that is Gregory House’s diagnostics team, it should be no surprise that Amber Tamblyn will be leaving Princeton Plainsboro shortly.

We told you back in October that Tamblyn would be part of the team for a multi-episode arc. It seems that [[House (TV Series)|House]] creator David Shore would have liked Tamblyn’s character Martha Masters to stick around though. In an interview with TVLine, Shore said:

I wish she was sticking around, because she’s wonderful. But she’s not going to be with us for [much longer].

Tamblyn’s character is a genius medical student with absolutely no practical experience – which makes her a perfect target for House’s verbal abuse. She’s already clashed a few times with House on ethical issues – while he lies to patients to make them agree to his preferred treatment, Masters argues that they need to be told the truth.

For someone who looks like such a mousey character, she’s managed to hold her own against House.

Of course, Tamblyn was standing in for Olivia Wilde’s character, Thirteen. Wilde’s been off spinning light discs in Disney’s Tron Legacy recently, but she’ll be returning to House shortly and will overlap with Tamblyn on the show. It’s always interesting when the female count on this show goes up!

However, Shore has promised that Martha Masters’ exit from the show will be fittingly dramatic:

We’re going to give her a good sendoff. I’m not at liberty to discuss any details, but she’s getting a good sendoff.

I don’t honestly think Martha has had time to fit into the team – and given that her predecessors barely lasted an episode each, we all figured she wasn’t a long term cast member. And to be honest, I’ve always liked Thirteen and I’ll be glad to have Olivia Wilde back. What’s your take?

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