V (2010) : The smash hit series.. Really?

Just curious: Am I the only one wondering why the V remake is being described as a smash hit?

Something seems very missing from it, and Ive been watching so far in the hope that it got better.

The troubles as I see them: (and I will be the first to admit this stems from comparison with the original series)

Very little happens in each episode per se. It rumbles on with plots and intrique that lead nowhere in particular.

The visitors arrive, and suddenly we have a resistance movement. Did I miss something, or have the visitors actually done anything bad that the world at large can see yet? Scientific advance. Medicine. Blue energy.. The world should be beating a path to the door.

Theyre Visitors, but even they call themselves the Vs. Why?

It seems vitally important to the V leader that a teen nobody is recruited and seduced by her daughter. Whats the point? 

The resistance knows theyre reptilian. NO-ONE ELSE DOES. That one simple fact would rally the world against them, yet none of the resistance feels compelled to take out a big advert or even run around the streets shouting about it.

Just like Lost before it, all we got was a soap with special effects.



  1. Gerard McGarry

    You’re not going to believe this Jeff, but I interviewed Scott Wolf and Elizabeth Mitchell this morning about the first season of V.

    I actually put to them the criticisms about the first season of the show – the pacing of each episode being foremost in my mind. They acknowledged that – and admitted that the scripts had been the topic of discussion in their trailers. So they’re aware of the series’ failings so far. They both felt that the finale episode, Red Sky – which I reviewed recently here – was a good example of where the series could go.

    Funnily enough, they gave the impression of being very into the show. They’re not keen on the comparisons with 80’s V for obvious reasons. Rather than a straight retelling, they see it as a reimagining. They’re making this for an entirely new generation, so certain things have to change.

    Anyway, I won’t spoil the interview completely. Needless to say, we talked at length about their characters, and both of them seemed to be heavily into the story, and had ideas about their motivations and what they might do in the future.

    As for me – no, it’s clearly not a smash hit. That’s marketing gone mad to say that. But at the same time, I’d consider myself a fan. I love some of the themes and ideas that they’re exploring. Sure, sometimes it’s handled clumsily, but I appreciate the contemporary take and the very new-Millennium media manipulation that the aliens are masters of. Why unleash the invasion force when you can have the humans eating out of your hands?

    Check out this comment that a fan of V left on my Red Sky review – it talks a lot about where V’s been getting it right. Sure there’s a lot of improvement to make, but luckily there’s a second season for them to do that.

  2. Jeffrey Scott

    I’m actually liking this version of ‘V’, and I’m not a big fan of re-imagning of series. I loved the original mini-series. The TV episodes certainly left much to be desired. What was always interesting about the old series was they had a great set cast, with many secondary characters. It was designed in such a way they could kill off one of the regulars (catching you off guard) which made the show more intense. Also, they showed more of the lizards with the faces exposed. So far not much in that area and that’s a let down if you ask me. Also the music of the original series was more dramatic. And yet, I’m still liking this new series. I think it has much potential, but they need to stop with the slow plot developments. There are some episodes lately which, by the end, have solved nothing and progressed the story not at all.

    With luck, the second season will be better. If not, I can’t see the series lasting.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I agree. I see the Vs as very much a metaphor (or a collection of metaphors) about contemporary life. And I’ve often written off the slow plot development on the strength of the ideas that the show is teeming with.

      I think they know they have to offer more excitement in the next series, but do you ever wonder if sci-fi fans kill off more shows by being bitingly critical of them instead of appreciating the good things about them?

  3. Jeffrey Scott

    Yes, it does happen from time to time Gerard. Sometimes people really nit-pick a show to death instead of just enjoying it. *cough* Reminds me of someone I know.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      It’s me, isn’t it? *shakes fist*

      In fairness, if they let me interview cast members, I’d be more inclined to give any show a fair crack of the whip.

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