Vampire Diaries gets the wrong meaning of ‘Viral’ with its Catch VD campaign!

The CW’s marketing department have given us all a giggle with their promotional campaign for the return of [[The Vampire Diaries (TV Series)|The Vampire Diaries]].

Y’see, the brainiacs at The CW came up with a simple slogan “Catch VD”, which is a nice play on ‘catching’ their show. And VD is short for Vampire Diaries. Get it?

Some filthy minded people have mis-read VD on the poster as “venereal disease”. They’re claiming that the campaign is a tasteless teaser to amp up the lust factor surrounding the show.  But that’s just ridiculous, isn’t it? Using s-e-x to promote a show?

It’s unthinkable.

Seriously though, the good folks at Zap2it pontificated at length about how sleazy the campaign was. But who hasn’t made the connection between VD and Vampire Diaries? The Twitter hashtag for the show is #tvd for crying out loud! Here’s what Zap2it had to say:

It’s kind of… yucky, for lack of a more adult term. In West Hollywood, which is chock-full of ads and billboards encouraging young people to get tested and protect themselves, the “Catch VD” sign feels like it’s just trying to be shocking for the sake of being shocking.

Luckily, we can count on other bloggers to see the funny side of the controversy. Perez Hilton laughs the whole thing off:

We’re sure you’ve all been making the same joke for awhile, but now we can all laugh about it together. Right now, you can catch a huge billboard carrying the phrase “Catch VD” right on Sunset Blvd!

The CW, knowing exactly what a storm in a teacup this is, flippantly responded that:

VD simply stands for Vampire Diaries, and anyone who thinks otherwise should probably get themselves checked out.

Great response. Now, which member of the Vampire Diaries cast would you like to catch VD from?

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