Victor Ebuwa fourth placed finalist in Ultimate Big Brother

Victor Ebuwa

Slick Vic, the original Jungle Cat aka Victor Ebuwa is the fourth placed housemate to get evicted from Ultimate Big Brother. I’m glad I didn’t bet on him winning. But deep down I hoped he would.

Shockingly, he was never nominated during his time in Ultimate Big Brother! Attaboy! He had an awesome attitude throughout the show – always talking about himself as the ‘Alpha Male’ in the house and “picking some of these sucker off”.

He tells Davina his game plan was to “survive as long as I could, get everyone to love me”. But he also says if Brian doesn’t win, “something’s not right”. And he explains this away by saying he’s always thought the most entertaining housemate should win.

Davina tells him he was slightly more mellow this time around. He tells her that he tried to cause too many fights last time round.

Victor talked about transforming Nick Bateman, and loving being in the bedsit and he sings the praises of Michelle Bass. But complains that she didn’t get nude.

I think I’ll miss Slick Vic the most.

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