VIDEO REVIEW: Alexandra Burke featuring Flo Rida: ‘Bad Boys’

It seems like an age rather than a mere three and a half weeks since Alexandra Burke’s debut single* Bad Boys first premiered on the Chris Moyles show on BBC Radio 1. And once we had gotten over the shock of finding out that this single wouldn’t be the typical post X-Factor ballad (holy cow!), it would, in fact, be a highly danceable electropop tune (get outta here!) and it would feature everyone’s favourite American rap gentleman, Flo Rida (*faints*). We’ve all been waiting for the bloody music video already!

Well, the wait is over guys! Sure enough, you’ll have mad up your minds about the video already as you’ve probably instantly clicked play on the YouTube video above. But because I’m the big important reviewer, you have to listen to me! What’s my verdict? Well, it pains me to say it so I’ll just come out and say it one breath: I’mabitdisappointedintheBadBoysvideo! Catch all that? Lovely. Okay, let me explain…

The video of any post X-Factor debut single has to be simply epic. You have to dance around in the rain with the hottest chick on Earth (No Promises) or start warbling away against a midst of sprinklers while a load of depressed people around you try and drown themselves in a bath or set matresses on fire (Bleeding Love) or look all dark and moody in a black and white video (Don’t Call This Love). Alexandra Burke’s Bad Boys has the potential to be epic but fails.

Good points first: the video is very sassy! It begins with Flo Rida standing against a brick wall shouting “Alexandra, girl, I know what you like” but Alexandra is far too much of a diva to acknowledge this psychic B-boy ’cause she’s so pissed of she can’t make a phonecall which buzzes through the intro of the song and kind of ruins the start a bit. Then these boys come up behind her…and they’re bad boys, belive it or not…which is slightly worrying that they would sneak up on a young girl in a dark street like that. Is this video about to get very dark and violent?

Nah! These bad boys just wanna perform a dance routine with our Alex! That’s what bad boys do nowadays y’see. The video actually bears a slight resemblance to some of Michael Jackson’s greatest videos: Beat It, Smooth Criminal and You Really Turn Me On but Alexandra is nowhere near as accomplished a dancer as MJ naturally or neither are her backing dancers for that matter. She’s cute though.

Anyways, Alexandra does a few cool things next! She causes a bar brawl, he performs superpowers and even has the super strength to rival The Hulk when she throws one of her backing dancers through the brick wall  Flo Rida is standing against. Talk about diva! Naomi Campbell, eat your heart out…

Flo then ogles Alexandra, once again she refuses to acknowledge his existence and she proceeds to do a dance routine in a car park where all her backing dancers die at the end. Well, they drop to the ground! Me, being in a particularly dramatic mood today, says they die.

So, it sounds like a good video. It is a good video. But now I must discuss the flaws.

  1. Alexandra only wears two costumes in the video. She sure looks sexy in them but they could have been better.
  2. Alexandra lacks charisma. She comes across as being a real bubbly girl in public and having tons more personality than Leona. Apart from the odd smile here and there, Alexandra produces lots of sass but she just pouts angrily through most of the video and doesn’t really connect with me, the viewer. I want a bit more cheekiness from her. What will US viewers, who don’t know her, think of her?
  3. Lack of interaction with Flo Rida. I’m not Flo Rida’s biggest fan but I hate it when collaborating artists don’t interact. It’s nice to see a bit of chemistry or cammaderie between two artists, rather than it looking like a cheap ploy to get more listenership (Is listenership a word, if it isn’t, then I officially invented it as of now). Even if Alex was just to dry hump Flo Rida’s leg?
  4. Unwanted interruptions. For some reason, they seem to be putting high-tech phones into all pop music videos these days. The noise of Alexandra’s phone is just extra unwanted noise to the siren fuelled intro. Also, in between Flo Rida’s rap and the final chorus of the song, the music suddenly stops as Alexandra throws her dancer through a wall! As entertaining as this is to watch (TV violence=so funny!), it totally ruins the flow of the song!

Phew! Well,now I’m kicking myself because rather than write a novel like I’m doing now, I could have narrowed it down to one sentence. This is a good video, not an epic one.

* I forgot Hallelujah was actually her debut single. Wasn’t that by Leonard Cohen? (Okay, that was an incredibly flat ‘joke’).

P.S. Wow, this review was very rambly. But I think it was informative and quite funny. I’m so hyper. Hehehe.

P.P.S. I promise I’m not on drugs…

P.P.P.S. …and I’m not drunk either. Much.

P.P.P.P.S. Wow, I never knew how neurotic I am up until now!

P.P.P.P.P.S. Haha, I promise that not all of my reviews will be this long. I thank anyone who managed to read this far.

P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Okay, I should just stop now…

RATING: 3.5/5 great

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    First off, this is much better than Cheryl Cole’s single. It’s unashamed pure pop in the vein of Whitney’s and Sinitta’s gone by.

    Second thing: W.O.W. Alexandra looks hawt! But did she steal that big-sequined dress from Alesha Dixon? Oh, who cares – she looks delicious.

    Third: I think this’ll come back to haunt her if she hooks up with a Bobby/Chris Brown type and has some lurid, abusive affair.

    I get what you mean about the epic-ness (you’re not the only one around here who can make up words!) of the video. The second single from an X Factor winner should be a watershed moment, but then they’re avoiding overhyping Alex in case she flops. But since Flo Rida’s on a bit of a roll at the moment, is there really any chance of this NOT being successful?

  2. ThamesThommy

    I loved the blog post up unil the ‘ps’ bit started! bit OTT!

    Alex will probably do well with this single thanks to Flo Rida and supporting Beyoncé, but I think the third single will be crucial to her staying power. I’ve read some stuff on her and it would seem she’s already got a bit of a divaness about her!

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