VIDEO REVIEW: Cheryl Cole: ‘Fight For This Love’

Just like her mentoree on the X-Factor, Cheryl Cole has decided to release the music video for her proper debut single the other day. Well, rather than write a big long rambling review like I did for Alex, I’m gonna keep it short and sweet with Cheryl. Mainly because where as Alexandra’s vid had a plot, Cheryl’s doesn’t. That doesn’t make it bad however. Seeing as Cheryl is a tabloid darling, I always expected her debut video to be waaaay overblown and attention seeking! I expected Cheryl to be hopping about in gold hotpants, lying on a human armchair of half naked men and probably shooting lasers out of her eyes. That would be some video, actually! I must pitch it to the music industry…

Surprisingly, much like the song, the video is very subdued. It features Cheryl, fully clothed, in a number of fashionale items, ditching the Girls Aloud frocks, for the more urbane look of leather jackets, leopard skin leggings, hoodies and a rather funny looking bellboy outfit. Cheryl is mainly relaxed throughout the video which features a number of artsy looking backgrounds, which could easily have been taken out of the many fashion magazines Cole has featured in. It’s only on the chorus, that Cheryl starts dancing with a few backing dancers. Also, look out for the unintentionally funny poses and gestures she makes at the end.

So really, much like the song, the Fight For This Love video is a subdued, stylish and slick affair (go me with my sibilance). If you’re expecting something astounding and exciting from this video then you will be disappointed by this. But as far as music videos go, this is a pleasant surprise by Mrs. Cole. This kind of video would probably not do so well though if she’s planning on cracking the US market though…

RATING: 3/5 good

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I am disappointed. Why? Because I think her voice at the start of the song sucks. She sounds slowed down and thick (in the treacle sense, not the dopey sense).

    Yes, I get that she wants to distance herself from the Xenomania-led sound of Girls Aloud, but this isn’t the chart-conquering tour-de-force that I’d hoped it would be. True, the chorus has a great hook and after listening it a brainwashing number of times, I’m sure I’ll grow to love it. It’s the kind of single you’d only release if you had a hugely successful gig with a girl band to fall back on*.

    *Amelle Berrabah take note.

    1. RandomEnigma

      I completely agree with you, Gerard. This is very different to what I thought Cheryl would release. I was expecting a big club banger from Cheryl with a real raunchy video. This is disappointing but I am kind of impressed with what’s she’s doing though.

      *Amelle Berrabah take note.

      Better change that “Keisha Buchanam take note” instead lol!

  2. Anonymous

    Actually, pretty much the entire song is a re-sampled version of Kelis’ Lil’ Star. Just with new lyrics and a dancey break.

  3. Anonymous

    LOL, this kinda sucks.  The chorus beat and melody sounds sooo familar, I swear I’ve heard it all before.  Like a 90’s girl band… maybe like Destiny’s Child tho not as good.  Ho hum, very average.  Would not get her top 40 in US.  Outfit is Janet-like from Rhythmn Nation.  Though Janet rocked in that vid with funky hip hop rnb music and cutting edge choreography. 1/5 stars.

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