Vinnie Jones wants to change public perceptions- so what’s with the “retard” jokes?

Celebrity Big Brother the last and surely the best. Really enjoyed it and so like everyone else, I switched over to BBLB or is it BB big mouth(i’m not sure really) to see the winners and losers take their -walk of fame (Alex), walk of Dane (isn’t he great)and walk of shame (everyone else!!)  

Fabulous stuff. Katie Price even turned up to stand by her newly crowned man. Excellent.

 All going swimmingly then Vinnie Jones ruined everything and brought my unfettered enjoyment to a screeching halt.

” I ‘new it was neva Nicky” He bawled “from the way wot you was walkin’ shorter hairfor one fing(observant)and you was walkin’ like a retard”

(I’m paraphrasing)

“What?” bawled Davina snorting and sucking air in simultaneously through her nostrils and mouth-as only she can.”I do not walk like a retard” she squealed making it so much worse. (Davina love, a quick production note for you, You can’t sell your Dance Show by supporting someone with Autism in an interview, and than forget how pro disability you are and make disabled jokes cos you’re over excited! Ok love with me? Jokes about “retards” BAD. Disability rights- GOOD.Ok? calmed down a bit now? great.)

“yeh yah do. Look” Wide-boyed Vinnie, in his pork pie hat.

He removed his thumbs from his pearly braces and stopped high kicking his heels together long enough to give us his impression of Davina’s “retard” walk.Then wth another blast of his deep throated Babs Windsor cackle he sat down again.


Ok ,Ok Ok.It was a lot less Guy Ritchie than I’m making it sound. He didn’t really have pearly braces or a pork pie hat..No wait he did have the hat.

He didn’t actually sound quite as Dick van Dyke as that, He didn’t do high kicks or run around on a roof with a circular brush either but The “retard” joke and the “retard walk”. That I’m sad to say was all true.

I make him out as a walking cliche but really I don’t need to. By ridiculing people with learning difficulties, by mimicking a style of walking, he did enough of a job without any help from me.

Why is it ok? To make “retard jokes”?

Why did he get a roar of laughter from the studio audience. He cared so deeply that Sisco had humiliated him in front of his family yet he ruthlessly humiliated an entire section of the viewing audience and hurt the people who love them and obviousy felt a “right Card” for doing so.

It’s really not ok. I find it really offensive and really sad.The thing is if you say that , if you complain, they just tell you that you have no sense of humour.

Maybe it’s true. Or maybe jokes about disabled people just aren’t funny.

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  1. Lisa McGarry

    Nicky it was BBBM and I was as shocked as you. I flinched when Vinnie made the joke and was flabbergasted when Davina repeated it.

    I would have understood more if Vinnie had said it, then looked embarrassed when he realised what had slipped out, but he and Davina repeating the word kind of proved that they didn’t see it as an issue at all!

    I was surprised that more wasn’t made of the issue in the tabloids the next day.

  2. justME

    I must be missing something-personally i have  never thought that disabled people are retards- i thought retarded meant something else!that is the meaning of the word in the dictionary only. i think what’s important is definition af adjectves here-that besides – ive heard people pick on people that dress differently and think differently in society without using a one word insult,sometimes it can be worse – even if they’re not disbled. words can hurt- that is true- but who’s making that definition? everybody gets hurt in different ways by people that don’t understand- sometimes we have to bypass peoples comments as plain stupid- thats life.

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