V’s first season finale – Red Sky (S01E12) – Episode review

Well, now we’re getting somewhere. And shockingly at the season finale too. “Red Sky” basically raises the stakes and gives us the action we’ve been yelling for all series.

So where does the plot go in a nutshell? Well, Erica agrees to go for a friendly dinner with her son’s girlfriend and her mother. But as we all know, Lisa’s mother is an evil alien leader, hell-bent on the destruction of humanity. Yes, she looks like the extremely hot Morena Baccarin, but we know she’s 100% genocidal reptile under that gorgeous skin. Did anyone else think Ms Baccarin looked especially hot during this episode?

Anyway, there was a story. I think there was a story… Yes, Erica decided to moonlight as a terrorist, taking a bomb aboard the New York ship with the intention of detonating it and killing Anna’s hatchery of alien babies. In the midst of it all, Father Jack sets up a neat little test to see if Chad Decker will rat the Fifth Column out to Anna. Naturally, like the weasel Decker is passes the information straight to Anna.

Elsewhere, Ryan’s split loyalties are resolved when Val is captured by the V soldier and taken back to the mothership. Anna is at her most manipulative here, as she strategizes that Ryan would be a valuable asset if they could get him back on side.

He was able to resist my bliss, he fell in love with a human and turned Fifth Column. You don’t know what we have in him.

Rather brilliantly, Anna allows Val to give birth, but while Ryan’s absent, she injects Val, killing her. This scores Anna an alien/human hybrid baby and a vulnerable Ryan whom she blisses back to the dark side. Presumably. I won’t miss Val. She screamed a lot, and she had dead mouse breath.

When he’s not passing Chad Decker notes like a lovestruck schoolgirl, Father Jack is a one-man faith machine. It’s all about the faith. What do you call like a superior priest? A senior father? Well, the old priest tells Jack that he can’t preach anti-V sermons in church. Ever-earnest Jack won’t be deterred and (unintentionally) hilariously clears 95% of the congregation with his “hate speech”. Classic.

I’m not sure it was smart for Erica and Hobbes to stand up in the congregation in support of him though. Um, Erica, you run a task force for the protection of Vs…

Up on the mothership, Joshua is plotting to take down Anna’s evil regime, but Decker’s handiwork gets him caught. I always wondered why the V’s didn’t have the technology to intercept outgoing communications from their mothership. I still wonder why it took so long for them to start.

But anyway, Erica makes her excuses to leave the dinner table to powder her nose and kill some lizard babies. Except her exploding handbag is locked in a cloakroom. Luckily, alien princess Lisa chooses that moment to switch sides and gives Erica a blue energy crystal. She also creates a diversion by freeing Joshua. Well, Joshua creates the diversion.

So, in shorthand: lizard babies go boom, Erica shoots Joshua, Chad Decker sees nasty pointy alien probes being used on humans (why?), Erica and son go home after a pleasant dinner.

Then we get to the really great bit. Anna has a total frickin’ meltdown. All her alien babies are dead and she screams in anguish. Anguish? Isn’t that an emotion? Yes, it is. And when her henchman points out that Anna’s got an attack of the humans, she screams even more. I loved the crafty smirk on Laura Vandervoort’s face as she watched her mother’s painful realisation that she’d somehow caught some human emotions.

And flying on from there, Anna looks like she’s about to unleash full-scale war on the planet. I’m not sure why at this stage, considering all those alien soldiers seemed integral to her plans, but lets assume she’s been over-emotional and done a silly thing in a rash, impetuous, human moment.

Naturally, the whole thing is setting us up for the recently announced second season. We discover at the end that the V healing can actually resurrect dead aliens. But with red clouds covering the Earth, matching Anna’s mood, are the aliens about to show their true, scaly green colours? Will the ranks of the Fifth Column swell to five or even six sympathisers next year? I really, genuinely cannot wait to find out!

I don’t understand this…

Anna says: “With Agent Evans as my ally and my newborn army, the humans won’t know what hit them.” How the hell is Erica Evans on a par with a legion of deadly aliens? Somebody please explain…

And answer this…

How far can V go? Can we constantly have this PR battle between Anna and the human media, or will it descend into full-scale ground battle?

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  1. Temlakos

    First, I agree: the really great bit was Anna breaking down. As I watched that segment, I said to myself: What’s this!? A display of emotion? And I thought Anna was supposed to be proud of being such a cold fish!

    Now then: for those who genuinely want to know what is going on.

    V is a commentary on a great many things that are wrong with our society. In addition to the media manipulation, I see:

    • God-substitutes–and classic ones, at that.
    • Major medical malfeasance. It’s the Tuskeegee “Bad Blood” affair all over again. And prefrontal leukotomies. And every therapeutic misadventure that anyone has ever experienced. Do you really think that anything goes on in a V clinic, or even in that Live-Aboard lab, that hasn’t gone on in our wonderful utilitarian hospitals from time to time, even if only by accident? I knew somebody who underwent total thyroidectomy–conscious, feeling every stroke of that scalpel, but unable to cry out, until, five minutes later, her consciousness shut itself down. The anesthetic failed, but the muscle relaxant was still good. If she had seen either of those two Iron Maiden scenes, she would have identified, I’m sure.
    • More medical malfeasance: “She gave you an aneurysm!” Behold every treatment that has caused more illness than it allegedly cured.

    Which brings me to why the Vs are here: They are desperate. And the reason they’re desperate is that they’ve come to a dead end with selective breeding. They’re going to die out as a race if they don’t figure out pretty soon how to recapture the old wild-type mojo. And they go to all that trouble because they don’t know what else to do.

    That’s also why they didn’t put live humans aboard that shuttle to get blown up. They need live test subjects, and they don’t want to waste any of them. I also suspect that Anna was letting her pride blind her.

    Joshua knows that it’s a dead end. He also know, or suspects, that Anna’s treatment program is as unworkable as it is unethical. He also has Anna figured for a total psychopath. His solution: incitement to mutiny. He looks to Lisa as the only one who can save both kinds–humankind and V-kind.

    Why did Marcus bring him back? To interrogate him, I expect. The interesting part will come if Marcus asks Joshua just one word: “Why?” If Joshua is really, really smart, he might be able to turn Marcus–who by now has seen a side of Anna that he has never seen before. A side that–maybe it’s just me–I don’t think he likes very much.

    Which brings me to one more thing: the Vs are running out of time. Ryan was right: spend too much time in a human skin, and human emotions take over.

    There’s a way out for the Vs–but they’re going to have to confront their own prejudice in order to take it. Will they? Or is war inevitable? In that case, the Vs can’t win in the long run. Not if I’m right about what made them desperate enough to try this course.

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