Warehouse 13 – Buried (S02E11) – Episode review

The last time we reviewed Warehouse 13 on this blog, we took a serious amount of blowback from an angry fan. The argument seemed at the time to be “serious sci-fi” versus “fun tongue-in-cheek geeky adventure”.

I’ve watched the last two episodes from the second season now, and I’m going to remain on the fence. Part of the reason for this is that Warehouse 13 is extremely difficult to get into without understanding the background. In Buried, I discovered that there are a number of warehouses, including one dating back to Ancient Egypt. And that a ‘caretaker’ can become bonded to the warehouse they’re responsible for.

Oh, and I learned that Buried was the penultimate episode of this season. Which means not only am I behind the curve here, but it’s all wrapping up until (presumably) next year.

As for the episode…three young Americans die suddenly of a body-shrivelling disease while on location in Egypt. News of this leads the Warehouse team to investigate along with the enigmatic H.G. Wells (played by the stunning Jaime Murray). Back in Warehouse 13, Mrs Frederic is starting to babble in tongues and it becomes clear she’s linked to the Egyptian warehouse, which they identify as Warehouse 2.

Then it turns out that if Mrs F dies, it’ll set about the death of Warehouse 13. Which is a bad thing. So the gang set out to deactivate the Egyptian warehouse. I’m glad I watched last week’s episode, because I wouldn’t have been aware that H.G. Wells’ presence there was ambiguous. Friend or foe? Well, she tases Myka and Pete into unconsciousness and steals some artefact from Egypt, then disappears. She doesn’t kill them, which seems to be in her favour, but she has double crossed them. Which will lead neatly into next week’s season finale.

For me though, the entire episode made my head spin. And I’ve watched plenty of Sci-Fi in my time, so I should have been able to adapt. But what seems to have happened is that in the space of two short seasons, Warehouse 13 has managed to build up an impressive backstory full of rules about how the warehouse works, how they’re governed and much more. The depth of the backdrop makes it very difficult to pick up the story straight away. I wonder if fans of the show would agree with this? It feels to me like going back to the first episode is almost necessary.

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