Watch: Eclectic Method and Chuck D – Outta Sight

If you’re looking for something fresh to wash the sound of Katy Perry’s E.T. out of your eardrums, then look no further. We’ve been hearing a lot about Eclectic Method recently, ever since they jumped on the Charlie Sheen bandwagon and released this Tiger Blood fueled mix of his greatest quotes.

Today’s big news is the group’s debut single, featuring the vocals of Public Enemy’s Chuck D. The tune is Outta Sight, and it’s a pulsating slice of electronic genius.

The big thing with Eclectic Method is that their compositions build video right into the mix – it’s not a matter of song first, video later – the audio and video are tightly integrated, as you’ll see when you have a dig around their videos. Have a look at Outta Sight, then tell me what you think. And if you like their stuff, check out their Vimeo page for more.

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