WATCH: Taio Cruz and Ke$ha get filthy in the “Dirty Picture” video

Single cover of Taio Cruz's Dirty Picture

It’s been a long time since I’ve written for this blog…but now I’m back…with the premiere of Taio Cruz’s Dirty Picture video which features everyone’s favourite trashy new pop princess Ke$ha. The single is set for release on 23rd April in Ireland and 26th April in UK.

The song itself isn’t much. I can see myself really enjoying this when I’m trashed on the dancefloor some night but I guess that’s the song’s overall purpose. It’s inferior to Break Your Heart but superior to last UK single No Other One and with Ke$ha’s added star power, it will probably prove to be another hit. Taio made a record leap to #1 in the US with former UK #1 Break Your Heart last month. The track was re-jigged with a guest rap from Ludacris for the US market.

The video is a disappointment. From Taio’s earlier description of the video, I was expecting it to be an update of Nelly Furtado’s Maneater but for the majority of the video, its just Taio showing us all what a sexy bad boy he is and Ke$ha barely moves from the toilet she’s standing on. However, I will let you guys judge for yourself. What do you think of the Dirty Picture video below?

P.S. Oh and does anyone else think that censorship has gone a bit crazy? If Akon can get away with saying “Damn you’s a sexy chick” on the radio then why is “dirty” bleeped out of this track?! They mightn’t be the most child friendly lyrics but there are worse.

tckdp from renzo torres on Vimeo.

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