Watch this weekend: Jack whitehall’s One Night Stand

UK readers: One to watch this weekend – Cardigan-wearing comedian Jack Whitehall does his “One Night Stand” on Dave.

You know, we don’t talk much about comedy on Shout, but if I ever find myself channel hopping, it’s the comedy channels I flick to for a bit of a laugh. Jack Whitehall – who I met at the Big Brother house a couple of years back – is actually one of my favourites.

What I didn’t know about the One Night Stand series is that it takes the comedians back to their hometowns to perform in front of a local audience. So Whitehall and Sarah Millican will be joined by Ben Elton and Johnny Vegas for a one-off show in London.

Details of when you can catch this episode are below, but for now, check out a clip of Jack Whitehall in action:

When: 10pm, Sunday 17th October

Where: Dave – Sky channel 111, Virgin TV channel 128, Freeview 19.

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