Water for Elephants Review

Water for Elephants is based on a best selling novel by Sara Gruen. The film is out now stars Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz. This amazing film shows that Robert Pattinson can truly act and shows off the great skills from Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz.

When I first decided to go see the film, I didn’t really know the storyline and was mainly going to see the good looking Robert Pattinson. This was also true with a lot of people with the cinema packed with women. But five minutes in, I was gripped to the storyline.

Robert Pattinson plays young lad Jacob Jankowski, a young Vet student who is about to finish his degree when he learns his parents have been killed in a car accident. The film, which is set during the depression era, shows after losing his home and belongings, Jacob runs away and jumps on a passing train. He is soon welcomed by the staff and finds they work for the Benzini Brothers Circus.

After spending the first day shovelling poo and other tiresome jobs, he has to go meet circus leader August who agrees he can stay when learning he has studied to become a vet. Marlena soon arrives on the scene and we find out she’s the star act and is married to August. There is an instant attraction between the two as Jacob puts her horse down against August’s wishes.

To try and get the circus to work again August buys an elephant called Rosie. As the film develops we soon find out August isn’t very ‘animal friendly’ and this pushes Jacob and Marlena closer together but can Marlena ever escape from August’s clutches?

I must warn you the animal cruelty scenes are quite hard to watch and I had to turn my head away several times. But don’t let you put this off as Rosie the elephant is adorable and definitely the star of the film. The scenes with her and Jacob and Marlena are sweet and she definitely is a smart elephant. Christoph Waltz is fantastic in this film and plays the part brilliant seeming kind at one moment but then turning nasty the next.

Reese Witherspoon also shone in this film and I was glad to learn she learned to do most of the stunts herself. I haven’t ever thought much of her in the past but she definitely suited the part well and showed why she won an Oscar for her acting in the past. She also comes across a woman who suited being in the depression era and made it seem glamorous.

Whether you’re a twilight fan or not, you shouldn’t judge Robert Pattinson before seeing this film. He shows he can play more than one part and that he is definitely very talented. The scenes, which showed the workers, dress him up as a woman was hilarious too and showed that this dramatic film could have some comedy too.

The ending is warm and heart felt and I was pleased with the ending, which doesn’t often happen in films. So if your looking for something to do this weekend you should definitely check this out as its worth it.

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