Waterloo Road- Did they deserve their award?

Waterloo Road recently won a National TV award and people were shocked about the result. Currently in its sixth series, the drama is still hard hitting but did it deserve the award?

Waterloo Road first aired in 2006 and has since tackled serious drama ever including murder, drugs, pregnancy and suicide. Series 1 brought us popular characters that are still in the sixth series today including teachers Tom Clarkson and Grantly Budgen. Other characters have changed over the years as the students grow up and have left Waterloo Road, including popular students Donte and Chlo, Bolton and Michaela. New teachers have also come into the series including Ruby Fry and Christopher Mead and there have been three head teachers to date. Top storylines over the years have included Izzy, played by Jill Halfpenny, being killed in the schoolyard and also the murder of Maxine played by Ellie Paskell after being shot by boyfriend Earl. Waterloo road isn’t always so depressing and there are some comedy golden moments by students and teachers alike.

In the current series, we are nearly half way through and there has already been some good storylines so far. George Sampson has joined the cast and has showed us he has some good acting skills aswell as dancing by playing a young lad who has had a bad start in life and some anger issues! A relationship has already started to show with teacher Cesca and student Jonah and we have also seen a relationship form with Nate and Josh. Head teacher Karen has also got her hands full with daughter Bex, who has many secrets that soon will be revealed. This series has been enjoyable although I do not believe it has been as good as previous years. I don’t think Karen is as good as Rachel was with the children. Also I miss several of the characters including teachers Steph Haydock and Kim Campbell who left last series.  

The storylines still reflect real life and that’s why I believe it won an award as young and old can relate to the drama. I think it definitely deserved the recognition after all these years and a seventh series has already been announced and the cast began filming last year.

 See if you think Waterloo Road deserve their award and watch the latest episodes with http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00yzf31/Waterloo_Road_Series_6_Episode_14/

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