Waterloo Road- Series 6 coming to an end !

After an eventful series, next week provides us with an ending to series 6. This series has brought us new characters such as Karen and her family who have brought many superb storylines. But what will happen at the end of series 6?

Series 6 started with new head teacher Karen Fisher played by Amanda Burton, settling into the school and we found out that she had a son, Harry, and a daughter, Jess. But it soon appeared that there was also another daughter, Bex, who was missing. Karen and her family have been the main focus this series with Karen going through a divorce and finding out Jess had slept with deputy teacher Chris. The second part of the series also showed Bex played by Tina O Brien, returning home to her family and a seedy past soon found her. Also young Harry has been through his own drama recovering from an eating disorder and coping with his parents shock divorce. It has been confirmed they will be returning for another series so it will be interesting how the stories will develop.

Also during the series we have seen Grantley and Ruby becoming closer and if rumours are to be correct, Ruby will be leaving at the end of this series. There friendship has been great to watch especially with both having competitive nature. She has had a hard series this time with Janeece offering to let Ruby and her husband have her baby when it was born, but after giving birth to Cheryl she soon realises the bond and Janeece is allowed her back. Janeece has definitely been a highlight of the series, her attitude and presence has been great and she is a great character.

George Sampson’s character Kyle has also been interesting and he has turned out to be quite an actor, not just a dancer. He has been confirmed to be staying so it will be interesting to see if we will see a softer side to him.

This series has dealt with many different issues and is very upfront and honest. At the moment we have Jonah and Cesca’s relationship in which they have just been found out by fellow teacher Chris Mead and the whole school now knows about their relationship. Will next week’s programme see them get married? I don’t think they will, I bet Cesca will end up in prison and Jonah will end up leaving the programme also.

Also we saw little Denzil Kelly will be getting up to more dangerous antics and with a death normally occuring in every series, will this be the one this time? Or will Waterloo Road end on a high?

Whatever happens, I think the next series will be great with many new names joining the programme.


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