Wax Tailor – Say Yes

I stumbled across Wax Tailor while researching my post about Jupiter One. This single is so good, I couldn’t not share it with you…

Prepare yourself: once you listen to this next tune, you’ll be rapping it for the rest of the day. Say Yes by Wax Tailor has all the ingredients for a perfect hip-hop record – irresistible beats, old-school horns and an infectious chorus that will be burned into your brain on the first listen.

The incredibly cool-looking Wax Tailor is French producer Jean-Christophe Le Saoût, accompanied on this single by an artist called ASM. He’s like France’s answer to Timbaland, except better.

Always just the tip of the iceberg, if you want to hear more from this talented French dude, visit his official website and have a browse around.

His third album In The Mood For Life has just been released. Listen to full samples on the website by clicking on the “sound” tab – you can also check out his older material too.

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