We Found Love – Rhianna feat. Calvin Harris – Review

In the world of music today it’s not unusual to have someone drafted in to get the sales figures up a bit, I almost find myself writing a song leaving some space for Pitbull to rap through.  Whilst this is all good the finished product should be something you want to listen to, relate to, something that will please the ears. Is this a bad song? Not at all, the lyrics have a certain sadness to them which many may relate to, the problem is more with the way it’s presented.  I have no problem with either Calvin Harris or Rhianna, both acts have come up with some hits that will staple themselves in to many a playlist in years to come.   However I feel both have become too comfortable with their musical status so what we have here is a pretty much “what you see is what you get” pop dance number that may have you tapping your foot along but not much else.

Rhianna and Calvin Harris fans will love it, everyone else will take it for what it is, a shame as with the right production I feel a little gem could have been hatched here!


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