We trail far behind

We trail Far behind.

I’d been reading about Mr Hawkins and this new documentary that is due to be shown on TV.

And so I write something…


I at one time thought that aliens would have the same traits as us; that is the want to conquer, to colonise as we humans do.

I no longer think like that.

‘Aliens’ have been visiting this planet for centuries …and have they ever invaded us?

No they haven’t! …They’re a bit more civilized than us!


They have the technology and the capability to travel from distant galaxies; therefore my brain tells me they have travelled much further in evolution than we have and therefore have found that peace we profess to seek …fortunate for us; they know how to make it work. It certainly isn’t by invasion! Only we humans do that!


Our planet may be 4.5 billion years old. Others could be a lot older, twice that age even- so therefore a lot wiser maybe? Perhaps they could even show us a thing or two? Maybe one day ‘aliens’ will be seen as ‘friends’ and will want a co alliance with our planet Earth, maybe that’s the day when we realize that Peace begets Peace.. And how miraculous spring is?




Hubble shows us we are not alone.

We launch rockets into our solar system, I suppose it’s a bit like discovering the wheel compared to their technology, we trail far behind.

And what is this with our exploration crafts? They always seem to suffer malfunctions leaving our galaxy~ I wonder why that is?

Hmmm ~Maybe its because we are all so primitive that until we can all live in peace, we are not welcome elsewhere?


  1. Rosie-Lee

    As I understand it, Professor Hawking’s comments about aliens being possibly hostile if they were to visit us, was regarding the possibility of them seeing our planet as something with resources to be ravaged.  Rather like those in Independence Day.  On the other hand, as we are such a crowded little outpost, they might not bother to stop over, as we are busy stripping the planet of any resources it has already.

    Regarding the possibility of aliens having visited us in former times.  There is no real evidence that this has happened, but I do subscribe to the theory that they may well have done.  My own particular thoughts are as to why we seemed to have evolved so quickly in a short time.

    What I know about these things, compared to Stephen Hawking, is miniscule.  So I am always interested in what the great man has to say, particularly as his amazing brain is captive inside his disability, which means he would be applying his thoughts to these things all the time. 

    We should always try to keep an open mind about these things, and remember that we are but a micro dot in the universe.


    1. Indriel


      Hi Rosie-Lee,

      ” we are busy stripping the planet of any resources it already has”..

      That made me think toooo deep.. Maybe that’s what the ‘aliens’ are already doing???

      After all, they’ve looked at our worlds intelligence.. and thought.. Nah!!.. But I need some gold?

      Or any resource we have for that matter.

      The way our world is shaping; from reading the newspapers, watching the tv and connecting as one with nature all shows me one thing; we are so connected and the technology . ? wow.. all so fast! that is to know what’s going on, we fight amongst ourselves, we have general  and presidential elections, we have wars within this small planet of ours, so are we really going to notice if our planet is being stripped? After all we don’t take much notice when someone reports to ‘being abducted by an alien’ do we? The majority see that as a joke or hoax. Those that don’t are the ones who know that It’s not us they are interested in. We are like them; every living thing needs elements to survive. We survive in this economical world with the elements mother earth provides us.. And when they are depleting, just as is on their world, that makes me sad. So you give to help others. But we aren’t giving back by stripping the planet as we do, so aren’t we just like them?!


       Maybe Professor Hawkins is right, alien contact is sometimes not a good thing. I don’t often have time to just sit and think, I have too many random thoughts, when I should be serving up dinner. Having a disability often means having a special gift, and this is surely a blessing, for without his presence in this world, this world would not be the same and I wouldn’t be replying to you.



      Keeping an open mind is what I try to do, I like to think that’s what a lot of people do; an open mid is an open opinion too. I’m open to all possibilities as long as its like the oneness and unconditionally and Peaceful.

      ..And why have we evolved so quickly in such a short time?..What are you’re thoughts on that?








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