We use Twitter and Facebook profiles to determine the X Factor 2010 winner!

Psst! Wanna know who’s going to win The X Factor tomorrow night? Well, don’t spread this around, but it’s going to be Matt Cardle. Second place will go to One Direction and third place will go to Scouse chanteuse Rebecca Ferguson.

Don’t believe me? I worked it out all scientifically, like. Here’s how:

Like any proper scientist, I visited the Twitter and Facebook pages of the remaining three acts. I’ve noted their follower stats on both sites, and put them into the official-looking table below. As you can see, Matt Cardle has the highest number of social media followers with over 140,000 on Twitter and 431,000 on Facebook. So even if the record deal falls flat, he might be able to get a fair few painting and decorating jobs out of his fanbase. That is, if The X Factor don’t ‘own’ his fan page at the end of the show!

We can clearly see that One Direction are in second place. The only caveat here is that the boys have all got their own individual Twitter accounts, which we haven’t factored in this extensive study. And validating my statement on Unreality TV this evening – why Rebecca Ferguson won’t win X Factor – Rebecca has the lowest number of followers on both social media sites.

Matt Cardle141,120431,011
One Direction89,611253,877
Rebecca Ferguson59,218145,092

I should point out one anomaly – Malvern’s finest rapper Cher Lloyd was ousted this evening. She has an incredible 1,157,000 Facebook fans and 126,000 Twitter followers. However, let’s put that down to Cher being high-profile for all the wrong reasons – negative press drew attention to her, but she wasn’t a very good singer.

If all other things are considered equal, it looks like Matt Cardle could be this year’s X Factor winner. Which means a Biffy Clyro cover could be Christmas #1. You heard it here first. On Unreality Shout. Using science

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