What Can We Expect From Corrie and Eastenders Over Christmas?

Christmas in soap land is normally a mix of romance, death and comedy and this year will be no different. With huge storylines ready to be played out on the cobbles and in the East End, what will be the best one you need to watch?

Last year’s main storylines for Corrie and Eastenders were Stacey leaving the soap after a confrontation with Janine and also the aftermath of the tram crash featured on Corrie. This year they will be hoping for big figures with amazing storylines, which have been building up for weeks.

Coronation Street: Building up to Christmas we have seen Peter and Carla get closer and begin an affair after both finding comfort in each other for their alcohol addiction. This will feature in the Christmas episodes as Peter continues to lie to Leanne about the affair. When Stella sees a necklace she presumes is for Leanne, will their secret be revealed? I think that this storyline will carry on way into the New Year as Peter decides whether it’s Leanne or Carla he wants. The love triangle between Tracy, Becky and Steve continues, as Tracy will claim Becky pushed her down the stairs and caused her to lose the twins. Becky gets so down that she burns photos of her and Steve and manages to set fire to her flat. Nick is apparently going to try and save her but we know that she will likely survive as she will be leaving in the next month and is rumoured to go off with the Hotel boss we saw the other night.

The main storyline this Christmas, which is a fairly light one, will be Chesney and Katy’s new baby arriving at the nursery. Earlier this year when they decided to try for a baby, the nation thought it was a crazy storyline but the youngsters seem to be in love and hopefully they will show the hard part of raising a child at 16 rather than all lovely times. Katy takes part in the nativity as Mary, which Sinita and Leanne have organised but she then goes into labour for real. This storyline is bound to be heart warming and will see Chesney rushing to be at his girlfriend’s side. Also over new year we will have Sophie and Sian’s big day which obviously won’t turn out perfect due to Sophie’s crush on Amber and also we know Sian is set to leave. The two brides make it to the church in their dresses but what happens there will be interesting.

Eastenders: Eastenders is definitely going to have more drama this year with many storylines coming to an end. It won’t be heart warming and easy viewing like Corrie with the big Yusef storyline coming to a head. We have seen him gaining more and more control over Zaniab with his behaviour and they even married last week. He has become more violent and his threats to take Kamil become a reality as he hides the young boy away from Zaniab. Although Masood is with Jane, we know his heart is with Zaniab and with Denise’s help they try and get Zaniab out of this horrid situation. But as we know this ends with explosive consequences which will change the Masood family for good. There are huge rumours that this will be the end of Yusef with him dying in the fire and there are rumours that poor Tamwar will be left with terrible scars. It will definitely be the most anticipated storyline end with most of this year concentrating on the weird relationship between Yusef and Zaniab.

Elsewhere Phil is getting more and more stressed out about the stalker situation with so many suspects, he can’t even guess who the stalker is. With the stalker being revealed over Christmas and Denise finding out Phil had a huge part in Kevin’s death several years ago, it will be a hard Christmas for Phil. I think that it will be Ben but it will be an interesting end to the storyline over the last couple of weeks. It will also be an interesting Chrismas for Tanya and Max who reunited after he found out she has cancer. Tanya will be putting on a brave face this Christmas with her family around her. The huge Eastenders story this Christmas and concluding around New Year will be Pat’s departure. We have seen already she is thinking more about the past and the people who were around before. Over the Christmas period, we find out that she is seriously ill and on New Years day she is rumoured to die peacefully with her family around her. We know many past characters will be returning for her funeral including David Wicks so it will be an interesting time on the square.

 With these huge storylines over Christmas, Eastenders will be the best soap to watch. Sorry I didn’t write about the other soaps but I only watch these two and in my opinion they will be the best over the Christmas period.





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