What do you think of the new Kylie single?

All The Lovers is the latest single from Kylie Minogue. It’s a definitive return to the dancefloor for Kylie and sees her singing with breathy vocals through an atmospheric track.

I must have my traditional rant about Kylie and her methods of releasing new music: hand-delivering the single to Radio 1 and releasing an audio clip to YouTube. I remember complaining about Kylie’s last promotional run – she did exactly the same thing: gave everything to the old-school channels like radio and barely a nod toward the juggernaut that is the Internet.

How out of date is that? I’d hoped Kylie would have been smart enough to at least have a video for us to watch and share around the web. Someone on her marketing team needs a bullet up their ass. Idiots. And by the way, what’s with the cover art above? What are we buying here – an album or a perfume?

Back to the single though: in a strange way, I like it. I don’t think it’s going to cause any revolutions in pop music, but I’m glad she didn’t bend to the latest trends and do a hook-up with will.i.am (which Shout member was lamenting will.i.am’s effect on pop music the other day?) or lace the track with awful autotune. This is one area where I’m glad Kylie stuck to a fairly conventional pop/dance track.

If there’s one complaint to make, it’s that All The Lovers lacks the oomph of her past triumphs. But we can’t always compare everything back to classic Kylie, can we?

The thing is, there’s the usual rush in the media to faun and lavish praise on the track, but where do you stand on the new Kylie single? Give your verdict in our comments section!

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  1. David

    I have to say Gerard I do disagree on a few of the things you said here. Firstly I think the marketing here has been quite ingenious, over a month they have slowly but surely revealed a tiny bit more information about Minogue’s comeback, and having been around a few forums I can say it has kept her fanbase really on the edge of their seats, over 200,000 views in one day has to say something. I don’t understand what you mean about it being old fashioned, you say we don’t have a video to share about, yet you link to one at the bottom of your post? Eh? As for the CD cover, I do see where you’re coming from as it’s what I initially thought when I seen it, but it suits the name and supposed Greek theme of the album perfectly I think, and it goes without saying that she looks stunning on it, although I’m sure there’s been some doctoring involved somewhere, digital or otherwise. 😉

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