This is what I believe, a real talent!

This young girl  did not have any chance with BGT 2009.. She was let down in the first round.

Ok, listening to her singing, I could not believe, such a strong voice is coming from an 11 year old!

I do watch talent programmes, europe and Americ but have never heard something like this from a young person! she  is far better..

How come, BGT did not grab hold of her?  I believe she can sing better than lots of them and she could add alot to the show.

 I am sure, with some training and experience she will be a star one day.

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  1. Ageing tart

    This girl does have a voice, but at the moment she is obviously struggling with her own identity as she is trying to copy other voices.  Training the voice will help her develop her own vocal style but she is still only 11 and I can hear that she is 11.

    If she had training this would age her voice for her with natural development, but I would always worry that she might want to copy someone else all her life.

    Not that there is anything wrong with copying someone you like but to be really judged as having a talent a singer should have their own style and genre of music that they would like to specialise in.

    I also feel children should be allowed to stay children as childhood is so short. This is the reason why many excellent teachers refuse to teach children below the age of 13 or 16. Especially since the most popular form of musical interest for the young is pop music or musical theatre and both styles age the voice and the person.

    So my advice for Dionnes parents is that they should wait untill she is at least 13 before engaging the services of a singing teacher and in the meanwhile encourage her to sing and perform in as many school based music projects as possible.

    Its not her time, yet.


    Ageing tart. Joke title.

    Classical singing teacher and Music industry mentor.


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