What the Crap is a ‘Night Video’ and Why Does Rihanna Have Two Clips for “Who’s That Chick?”

Not talking about what I’ve suddenly noticed TwidVid is slowly (and quietly) becoming is a lot like suddenly being aware that you might have to pee on a really long road trip. You know you shouldn’t think about it — that’s just going to make you actually have to pee. Harder. But you can’t stop thinking about it. And so, eventually, it’s pee (in a cup) or get off (the freeway).

I’m gonna go with the cup for now. I don’t want to screw with the breezy, laid back vibe we’ve got goin’ on this road trip I’m suddenly daydreaming about.

[Focus, ADD little boy!]

“Who’s That Chick?” is reportedly featured on Guetta’s album, One More Love (Get it?!), out Nov. 29, but might serve as a bonus track on the inevitable iTunes deluxe edition of Loud, which is scheduled for its initial release on Nov. 16. (Source.)

Turns out, that wasn’t the video for “Who’s That Chick?” 

Er, rather, Rihanna wasn’t kidding when she said via Twitter that it wasn’t the finished product.

That was actually only one-half of a (backed) Doritos campaign that the Barbados bombshell recently signed on to do: A bizarrely contrived promotion that uses AR code (Augmented Reality) to allow fans to personalize the video per their own tastes in the singer’s lighter and darker sides.

As in: The new video, which Doritos or Rihanna (or Maria Sharapova) has labeled the “Night Video,” is a similarly directed clip. However, instead of the technicolor Harijuku vomit strewn all over the previous version, Rihanna’s opted for a much more familiar look for the newest: A thousand shades of deep, dark gray, and a few pops of bright Chinese Red — a motif I like just as much as she seems to for this winter. (Trend alert, b**ches!)

(Not really. Clearly, I don’t use those words. Ever.)

Just in case you don’t feel like headin’ back over to the original video, I’ve kindly included a side-by-side of the two different versions below, though for the life of me I can’t imagine why you would ever want to watch them that way. Unless, of course, you have two brains.

You — you’ll love the side-by-side. Personally, as you can probably tell, I barely have one brain to get me through the rest of my days. I can’t take the risk.




Watch the ‘Night Version’ of Rihanna’s Video for “Who’s That Chick”

Watch Both Versions of “Who’s That Chick” Side-by-Side

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