What would a second season of Hellcats have looked like?

The CW’s cheerleading drama Hellcats wrapped up a couple of nights ago with its last ever episode. Although it got off to a strong start, Hellcats lost audience share after its hiatus and never quite recovered. And on the day of the first season finale, The CW announced that they were cancelling the show.

Before I get to the heart of the story, I’d like to say that it’s a shame Hellcats didn’t work out. The cast were hot – eyecandy for male and female viewers, and the stories had a lot more weight and substance than Glee often comes up with. I mention Glee because I always felt that Hellcats was trying to be the cheerleader equivalent of that show.

I remember being distinctly impressed with Ashley Tisdale’s performance in the first serious role I’ve seen her in. Playing Christian cheerleader Savannah with a new brunette look, Tisdale really nailed the role. Coupled with the corkscrew curls and pneumatic physique of Aly Michalka as Marti Perkins, they were a real odd couple who grew to like and depend on each other.

Michalka I feel particularly bad for. After a wonderful supporting role as the foul-mouthed best friend in Easy A, it was great to see her sink her teeth into the role of Marti. She tackled the role head on, managaing to portray a character going through a number of difficulties, but she was never so serious you couldn’t relate to her. 

What would have happened in Season 2?

According to Zap2It, show creator Kevin Murphy teased some second season story ideas a few weeks ago which – to be honest – were hit and miss. This was back when he expected the show to be renewed.

  1. The Dan/Marti/Savannah love triangle would return! *groan* A storyline I hated for being a total drama cliche. But we always knew that Marti was pushing her feelings for Dan to one side rather than dealing with them. I’d kind of hoped that Dan and Savannah would work out – he’s tremendously supportive toward her. Especially since they’re Marti’s closest friends, I wouldn’t have wanted that storyline to recurr.
  2. Dan attends Lancer and becomes a cheerleader? You heard right. Now, that would make Dan a legitimate character rather than a hanger-on. But in a cheerleader costume? I dunno about that.
  3. Concept episodes: You might remember Hellcats trying out a zombie-themed episode a while back. This is very much a Glee thing really, but it might not have hurt to have a few filler episodes like this.
  4. Return of AJ Michalka: I loved the story of Marti discovering a long-lost sister. I also loved the fact that their relationship didn’t immediately become all sweetness and light. Deirdre clearly had trust issues and that secret which caused a massive rift in the finale. One thing I didn’t like – the constant showcasing of the Musical Michalka Sisters. That felt forced. And by forced, I mean forced down our throats.
  5. Tom Welling to direct: It was well publicised that Smallville star Tom Welling was one of the people behind this show. It certainly wouldn’t have hurt to have him direct a couple of episodes and hopefully convince a few more Smallville fans to jump on board. Sadly, with Smallville’s final season being filmed last year, Welling simply wasn’t available. And now Hellcats isn’t available.
  6. Guest stars: Remember Ciara’s performance in the 24 hour dance marathon? Well, she’d have been back for more appearances, given the chance. For me though, this is kind of an extension of the Musical Michalka Sisters thing – too much music showcasing. I actually feel like this forced the show to stray from its original objective to find ways for the characters to sing – like Marti at the wedding singing Rolling Stones songs.

Well, those are my thoughts on Hellcats’ (Hypothetical) Season 2. I will miss the show, because the concept itself had a lot of potential. However, we’ve always got that cliffhanger of Marti cycling across town in the dark (without reflective gear, I might add) to find her father. 

But, assuming that you’ll miss the show too – would you rather have had it finish with Marti and Dan together or Dan and Savannah?

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