Whatever happened to the third slayer?

I’m working my way through series 6 of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer at the moment, and it suddenly occurred to me – where is she, the third slayer? There has to be one – Kendra replaced Buffy when she died in the first series, Faith replaced Kendra when the awesome but bad bad Drusilla killed her – so who replaced Buffy when she snuffed it again in the fifth series? And why did this other slayer never make an appearance in Sunnydale, even for the finale?

We’re onto the last disc – hubby’s in for a shock; he knows nothing about Wicked Willow!



  1. Gerard McGarry

    Oooh, interesting. We started re-watching Buffy on DVD a while back (but got distracted and never finished).

    You’re talking about the time Buffy plunged off that big scrap platform and sacrificed herself to save her sister? I have a vague recollection of seeing that episode. All I can think of though, is that if Faith was still alive, then there’s be no need for another slayer to replace her. But even that doesn’t make sense.

    Having said that, was Buffy one of a kind, like the only Slayer in the world? Or was it like a franchise and she got to patrol the Sunnydale area? Because if there was only ever one Slayer, why would they have needed a council of Watchers?

  2. CrystyT

    First of all, yes, the entire point was the the Slayer was the “one girl in all the world” with the power to battle the forces of darkness etc. etc. (of course, this was negated at the end of season 7 when all of the Potentials [girls in the Slayer succession line] were woken by Willow to fight the First… but I digress)

    The thing is that when Buffy died the first time, the line of succession moved on.

    Think of it kind of like dominoes. Before the whole “wake ’em up, wake ’em all up” thing, the Slayers were all in a single line one after another. One fell, she caused the next Slayer to be Called, she fell, the next Slayer was called, and so forth ad nauseum.

    Now, when the Master drowned Buffy, as far as the succession was concerned, she died therefore the line moved on to Kendra (and from her, Faith). But then Xander interfered when he resuscitated her; to go back to the analogy, he picked up her tile and placed it upright again. Except, she hasn’t moved anywhere in the line: she is the anomaly that still stands though the line has moved past her. So in her second death there is no one to call, it’s already been and done.

    Does that make sense?

    1. cute and funny bunny

      yes that does explain it

      if none of you understand heres what you do

      1) type the slayer in on google and

      2) click on wikipedia

      it explains it all on there including what happens after all the potentials are called and how the earth becomes demon free and then the slayers become potentials again and then how a demon comes back to earth and how the slayer line starts over again

  3. CrystyT

    Oh! And I believe that the whole “Council” thing, in part, came about as a way of tracking the Slayers.  After all, we’re talking the whole globe here – a girl could die in Japan and her successor could be Called in Brazil.  They’d need a bunch of people just to be able to keep up. 

    That said, the Council does suck in pretty much every way…

    Or maybe I should say did? (*guilty wave* Did anyone else cheer when the First blew them up?)

  4. Sara+Hatter<3

    the only thing i can think of that the watchers council ever did right was assigning giles to sunnydale.  everything else… pretty dumb.

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