When did The Eleventh Hour take place?

Following on from my review of The Eleventh Hour this evening, I wanted to ask the question – when did the events in the episode take place?

By my reckoning, the Tenth Doctor’s last stop in [[The End Of Time (Doctor Who episode)|The End Of Time]] was in 2005 to visit Rose Tyler. This was before she would meet the Ninth Doctor and begin her own journeys in the TARDIS. Since present-day Rose was now in a parallel universe, The Doctor couldn’t readily visit her. Seeing her 2005 self was the easiest way of feeding his nostalgia.

So, when the [[TARDIS (Doctor Who)|TARDIS]] took off, it went straight up into the sky and David Tennant’s Doctor regenerated into Matt Smith’s. The transformation was so violent that the interior of the TARDIS was destroyed, sending it hurtling back down to Earth.

If I’m right so far, the TARDIS crash-landed in Amy’s back garden in the same year. 2005. So, when he promised Amy he’d come back for her in five minutes, the 12 years he was away puts us in 2017. When he disappeared for a further two years at the end of the episode, it would have been 2019.

So, that’s my theory on when [[Amy Pond]] met [[The Doctor (Doctor Who)|The Doctor]]. I’d be interested to see how many of you agree with me…

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  1. do me a melon

    Interesting theory – though I’m comfortable with the idea that in exploding and crashing, the Tardis was thrown back in time sufficiently far to make the twelve years plus two in this episode the difference between the night the Doctor met Amelia and today.

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