Who Might Win I’m A Celebrity?

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Returned with a bang last Sunday with a new group of celebrities entering the jungle for the next couple of weeks. We have already had one exit and three newbies bringing our total to 13. Can you spot an early winner?

This year when I saw the line up I was quite disappointed that I didn’t know many of the people but they all have quite big personalities and I’m betting they will clash. We have already seen Mark having an argument with Fatima and also Antony has been a bit funny about the cooking. After being split into 2 camps, Snake Rock and Croc Creek they have now all been put together so this also will cause tension. The trials so far have been hilarious and quite varied which is good. Freddie left after a couple of days due to his health but his trial was hilarious and it is a huge shame. So who will do well and might win?

Anthony: Obviously he’s one of the well known for his popular role in corrie as Sean. He has already been a big character so far although he seems like he could possibly have some mood swings. I think that he could do really well and make the final.

Crissy: Although Crissy didn’t jump out of the plane; she has been quite funny in the jungle. She’s always cracking up about one thing or another but I don’t think she could win.

Dougie: Dougie seems like a lovely lad. After a few quiet days he is being shown more and I think that he has definitely come out of his shell. I think he will definitely make the final and could go on to win.

Emily: The newest arrival so I don’t know much about her at all. She apparently is a famous model and DJ. I think she has been put in to basically provide a love interest for Mark as Jessica has a boyfriend. There’s no way she will win.

Fatima: An Olympic star that has definitely shown she is quite headstrong. She was fairly rude to Mark over a silly game and I think she could become quite irritating. I don’t think she will win it.

Jessica: This model has seemed quite down to earth in the jungle and has got involved with every task. She has been quite boring though so I’m not sure if she will do very well.

Lorraine: She seems like a sweet woman and I think that her character will develop. I’m not sure if she could win it but I think that she will do very well as she is lovely and can be funny sometimes.

Mark: Mark is a strange one really. He has definitely come across better than I thought he would. I think it would be better if he doesn’t get involved with Emily as I think it might affect his chances of winning.

Pat: Another newbie Pat provided some entertainment when he stayed the night in the cave with Sinitta. His reaction to her was hilarious but he has got a lot quieter since he went into the camp and I don’t think he will win.

Sinitta: One of the newbies Sinitta has already provided us with hilarious tasks included her first night with Pat in the cave where she stood there like something out of Paranormal Activity. She will keep getting more tasks I bet…

Stephanie: Stephanie has been fairly quiet in the camp except for her task with Mark in the Creepy Crypt. I don’t think that will do very well and I think she might be one of the first out.

Willie: Willie seems like a lovely guy who could do really well in the competition. He has been a little quiet but I think he will open up more after trying to take over the cooking from Antony on last night’s show.

The bookies are claiming that Mark is favourite to win followed by Antony and I don’t think that is far out BUT will have to wait and see…





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  1. Rosie-Lee

    At the moment I am enjoying Antony Cotton’s contribution in the jungle.  He has little hissy fits, but they are pretty harmless, and often I can understand why he does.  He seems to actually want to do the bushtucker trials and it is a pity he was not picked to do the great set piece trial that Sinitta ruined with her very agitated and bonkers behaviour.  If you have a phobia of jungle creatures – don’t do I’m A Celebrity.   I really enjoyed Antony sliding about underground in his big trial, apologising to the rats and toads and trying to move them out of harm’s way.  I hope we see more of him doing stuff, and that people will stop voting Sinitta in to ruin the fun by b*llsing up the trials a la Gillian McKeith.

    It is a pity we do not get to see more of others doing the trials, I think Lorraine might do a good job, and obviously Fatima will.  All in all, this I’m A Celeb has been good.  I am not missing Freddie Starr either.

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