Who is the ‘Little Girl’ in Doctor Who?


The Facts;

  • The little Girl is unsure of her own identity as she never seems to answer the presidents question of ‘who are you?’ (Maybe a link to a time lord never sharing their real names).
  • She seems to have been brought up in America as she has a strong American accent.
  • She has a fear of The Monsters.
  • She seems to have been raised in a child orphanage as no parents are seen asking about her disappearance and Amy and Cantons search for her lead to the orphanage.
  • The little girl has enourmas amounts of strenth as she rips her self free from the spacesuit
  • She also seems to be very ill as whilst wearing the spacesuit described by River Song as a “life support system” she seems to fuction very well. However, after escaping from the space suit her health deteriarates and six months later her body dies (regenerates)
  • At the end of ‘The Day of the Moon’ we see her regenerate in the same way as the past 3 Doctors have all regenerated whilst their body dies.

I have two theories on who this girl may be, each as ridiculous and accountable as the last:

  1. The little girl is Rory and Amys child: Amy and Rory love lives have continulously been seen to improve from the opening episode of Series 5 in which Amy seems fond of Rory but not too fond. We’ve seen their relationship grow with Amy riskily attempting to kill herself in order to see her fiance again (‘Amys Choice’) to her marrying him (‘The Big Bang’). We get the feeling that the next step in their relationship would be for them to have a child together and maybe that’s what has happened. Of course in ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ Amy tells the doctor that she is pregnant making this theory alot more valid. However, in ‘The Day of the Moon’ she counters this argument by telling the Doctor it was a ‘false alarm’. In my own opinion, I got the feeling this was a lie on Amys behalf as she was afraid that the Doctor may attempt to get her to leave the TARDIS for the safety of her child.

        As for the little girl regenerating at the end of ‘The Day of the Moon’ her time lordiness (for want of a better word) may due to her being brought up and carried in the TARDIS by Amy so her body would be linked to the time lord machine and therefore cause her to have some Time Lord characteristics. This could then link to the reason for her health being so bad as the result of a Human/Time Lord metacrisis is VERY BAD as we saw in ‘Journeys End’ with Donna.

I like this theory as it would then give Moffat the chance to create a dramatic storyline of Rory believing the little girl is the child of Amy and The Doctor continuing the almost story arc of Rory’s paranoia around their relationship.

      2. The little girl is Rivers and The Doctors child: Much alike Rory and Amy’s relationship we’ve seen the relationship between the Doctor and River grow over time. Now the sexual tension between the two has become more noticable as they meet each time with them finally having a little smooch in ‘The Day of the Moon’ and we see River senses she’s done this alot more in her padt and his own future. So we can easily be led to believe in her past they may have had a sexual ecounter. The concept of her being pregnant again becomes alot more valid in ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ with River seen hunched over and holding her stomach in the tunnels seconds before Amy tells the Doctor of her own pregnancy. Could this be a sign of River’s own pregnancy?

The idea of the child being half human (basing this on River being Human) and half Time Lord allowing her to regenerate at the end of ‘The Day of the Moon’. In the same way as my last theory this could mean the little girl is prone to being in pain and dying due to the impossibility of a Time Lord/Human metacrisis meaning the spacesuit life support machine is her only means of survival.

As for her living in an orphanage I only have one small impossible idea on this. Orphanages are usually homes to the children of whoms parents are both dead. Well, we know in the future River is due to die in the Library (‘Forest of the Dead’) and the Doctors due to die in his future (‘The Impossible Astronaut’) so maybe this is the reason for her being parentless.

Also it could be due to the Doctor being unaware of the pregnancy and River giving birth to her child in the storm cage facility and not being allowed to look after her child, so she could have been randomly placed in a orphanage on Earth. (As I said these theories may be seen as ridiculous).


Who knows that Steven Moffat’s prepared for us but I’m sure we’re going to find out very very soon. Leave your own theories in the comments and I hope you enjoyed my own.   


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  1. sgreco1970

    don’t forget another theory…

    She could, somehow, be the Doctor.

    I for one, however, think she is the Doctor’s grand daughter. i.e. Amy and rory give birth to River. River and the doctor give birth to the little girl, half time-lord, who regenerates. When she comes out of regen, she is Susan -the doctor’s grand daughter from the first episode of doctor who ever -and when she gets old, she is the un named woman on Gallifrey from The End of Time.


    1. pirho

      In order for that to be true you would need one more generation.  Amy and Rory give birth to river, that makes river Amy’s daughter.  The river marries the Doctor who then has a kid with river and thsu the child only makes it the Doctors Daughter and Amys Grand daughter.  For her to be the Doctors grand daughter someone would have to me the off spring of the doctor and then give birth to the girl.

      1. sgreco1970

        doh right, sorry, I wrote my theory backwards lol. Ive written it out on other blog pages here but here it is, more correctly. This assumes both amy AND river are pregnant, which is why both were shown to feel sick.

        Doctor and River give birth to Amy. Amy and Rory give birth to Susan. This makes Amy part time-lord which is the other reason the Doctor stuck around her and why she was able to withstand the energies from the crack in her wall.

  2. pirho

    So River hooks up with the doctor and out pops Amy, part time lord.  Where did river come from?  It still leaves that hole in history about her.  It could be that she is a time agent, since she has a vortex manipulator just like Capt Jack does/did.

  3. Hannah_banana

    River is not amys mum Amy already has a mum remember she brought them back after the big bang. And the little girl is defiantly amys child because of the photo in the little girls room the one of Amy holding a baby all though I think the dad could be either Rory or the doctor.

  4. pirho

    Well unless someone has another generation to inject the child can’t be susan.  But then again we never really knew if Susan was a time lord.  She called the doctor grandfather, but it could be a term of endearment like aunt.

  5. pirho

    Amy and the Doctor beget the little girl in the alley (or River and the doctor) this means its his daughter not his grand daughter, so there needs to be one more generation inbetween.

  6. Hannah_banana

    Unless she is jenny’s child remember her, when the doctor was David tennant. In the episode “the doctors daughter” because she was a time lord because she regenerated at the end and flew off into space, although that still doesn’t explain the photo of Amy holding a child in the little girls room… This is one hard nut to crack. Although I still think she is amy’s child because of the photo it’s just the dad I’m concerned about.

  7. River-Song-Rose-Tyler

    I don’t know, the idea of the little girl being Susan seems so far fetched and I just can’t imagine Steven Moffat going that far back into history. Although who knows with his writing.. it could be someone really random like Martha’s child or a sontaron/dalek metacrisis haha.

  8. pirho

    Lets be logical about this, think like Moff would.  Since he took the reigns he has basically thrown all the old rules out the window. 

    We know from the “The Hungry Earth” Amy is pregnant sometime in her near future.  I also belive that that Rory wasn’t there when they looked across the gorge.  So maybe it isn’t Rory’s kid after all.


    1. Gerard McGarry

      We know from the “The Hungry Earth” Amy is pregnant sometime in her near future.  I also belive that that Rory wasn’t there when they looked across the gorge.  So maybe it isn’t Rory’s kid after all.

      This is definitely where it gets confusing – because surely the reason that Rory was missing the second time around was because he’d been erased from existence? And since he was returned (somehow), was that timeline restored to its original state?

      Unless – welcome to cloudcuckooland – Rory is a Time Lord using a chameleon device to mask his true nature. He gets restored, sleeps with Amy, knocks her up, blah blah blah. But that’s all been done before, hasn’t it (apart from the pregnancy)?

      1. sgreco1970

        god knows what moffat is twisting around in his muddled mind. im pretty sure rory wasnt there because he got erased. what did they say about amy being pregnant in hungry earth?

  9. jefft

    I thought she was pregnant in Amys Choice?

    Dont recall her looking pregnant at that distance over the valley, either with or without Rory…

  10. pirho

    Amys Choice, was the one with the lord of sleep and the alternate reality. she was clearly pregnant in hungry earth at the very beginning when they went into the near future.

  11. emfetz

    does anyone else think the little girl might be the doctor’s daughter from “The Doctor’s Daughter” (season 3, i think. martha was his companion.)? It would make since that they would insert her back into the story line…

  12. Emperor Gregor

    The Shakespeare Code makes it clear that the power a name has is to kill you. The only reason the Doctor would give anyone his name is to give them permission to kill him. Which is what his body language is saying in Impossible Astronaut. Total submission to what’s coming. 

    Not that it has to be River in the suit. Could be another doctor from another timeline. Not necessarily from this one, either.

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