Who Will Leave Big Brother Tonight?

Tonight is the fifth eviction and coincidently five people are up to go tonight. Aaron, Jay, Anton, Faye and Arden are up but which one will go?

It has been girls so far leave the Big Brother House with Tashie first out, followed by Rebecca, then Heaven and finally Maisy last Friday. But this week with talk of nominations allowed, it showed up some of the other housemates true colours and housemates voted more varied. Now we have five housemates up with Aaron, Jay Anton, Faye and Arden who are all different varied characters but who should go?

Aaron- He is the most complicated character in the house and the least likely to go. His romance with Faye hasn’t helped him, although people thought his kisses with Maisy and Faye was hilarious. He is loved for his vulnerable character and he does come out with some weird things and has some funny relationships in the house. His bromance with Mark was funny and now he has a kind of friendship going on with Harry. He has been quieter the last week or so and his moods hasn’t helped but as one of the favourites to win, I don’t think he will be leaving tonight.

Jay- Jay is one of the favourites of the competition and is very unlikely to go tonight. He is a funny character and he is a softie underneath the hard exterior. He loves women but only has an eye for Louise in the house, with a relationship blossoming between them over the last couple of weeks. The only bad things have been his anger at the food and taking it too seriously. I will be shocked if he does leave tonight but people love the Newcastle lad.

Faye- Faye has definitely developed more since her sister Jem joined the house. She is less emotional now, as before she cried about almost everything and was a bit silly over the whole Aaron situation. But she is still quite quirky and can be quite funny when she wants to be. I think she will be saved, as she is one of the top 6 and because of her close relationship with Aaron.

Arden- Arden could be the one going tonight. When he went in I thought he could be a potential winner seeming very real. However, the Rebeckah relationship meant he began to become very unpopular and his pitiful crying after she left did make him seem pathetic. The fact that he thinks their relationship will happen when he leaves is another thing! However, I think Anton might just get a few less votes than him so he won’t go this week

Anton- The snake as he’s referred to, he has two different personalities. When he is in the diary room he let’s loose about the housemates and he is definitely playing a game. Over the last week he has got less popular with the housemates too as he has shown off his nasty side. He often says silly things too like ‘ I do understand I’m intelligent one here’ and he thinks he’s very looking. I think that he will go and it will help the house too.

So another week has gone and we have had a new housemate with Faye’s sister Jem. She has been quiet for the last couple of days but I think she’s headstrong and could get fiery if anyone upsets her or Faye.

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